27 Мая 2008

1 st Asian Conference on the Science of Aging and Regenerative Medicine 2008


Singapore Anti-Aging 2008 ConferenceThis event is a scientific and educational forum that seeks to provide practicing physicians, health care professionals and related stakeholders with reports on ground-breaking technologies from a variety of clinical-medical specialties focused on prevention and early intervention of aging related diseases, disorders, and biological processes.

In addition, the Conference serves to provide an opportunity to highlight new medical techniques that may beneficially impact the early detection, prevention and treatment of aging related diseases, disorders, and biological processes.

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Science of Aging
Theories of Aging
Organ Senescence
Biomarkers of Aging
Health & Risk Factors of the Aging Woman – 5 year study

Science of Anti-Aging Medicine
What is Anti-Aging Medicine?
Controversies: Is Anti-Aging Medicine Evidence-based?
Treatment Concepts
Natural Aging vs. Anti-Aging Debate

Hormone Therapies
Inter-relationship of the hormones of the endocrine system
Bio-identical Hormones: Indications, Dosing, Efficacy and Safety
Growth Hormones: Controversies, Safety, Legality & Indications
Testosterone Replacement for PADAM and Menopausal Women

Aesthetic Medicine
Latest approaches to Facial and Body Contouring
Application of Mesotherapy in Aesthetic Practice
Combined Non-surgical Aesthetic Therapies
Integrating Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Therapies

Genes and Stem Cells
Genomics – a Medical Tool for the Future
Gene Therapies in Aging and Diseases, including Cancer
Gene Relationship with Nutrition and Environment
Stem Cells and Tissue Regeneration
Stem Cell Therapy in Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer and Spinal Lesions

Brain Aging
Inflammation in Brain Aging and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Hormonal Factors in Brain Aging
Brain Nutrients and Smart Drugs

Nutrition and Exercise
Anti-Aging Effects of Calorie Restriction
Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome
An Integrated Approach to Treatment of Obesity
Whole body Vibration Exercise
Anti-Aging Exercise Programme

Integrated Medicine
Anti-Aging Effects of Qi Gong Exercise
An Introduction to Energy Medicine
Integrative Approach to Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke and Cancer Therapy
Sleep Disorders, Stress and Depression

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