08 Февраля 2008

The Second Saint-Petersburg International Conference on NanoBiotechnologies

June 16-18 2008, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The NANOBIO'08 is intended to give a comprehensive picture of the latest R&D breakthroughs in Nanobiotechnology, to discuss open problems and define future trends in this exciting field.

Biological systems are inherently nano in scale. Nanobiotechnology is at the interface of physical and biological sciences. It is a new R&D direction, with the potential of revolutionizing medicine: it combines the tools, ideas and materials of nanoscience and biology; it addresses biological problems that can be studied and solved by nanotechnology; it thinks out ways to construct molecular devices using biomacromolecules; and it attempts to build molecular machines utilizing concepts seen in nature.

Biology is increasingly asking quantitative questions. Quantification is essential if we are to understand how the cell works, and details of its regulation. The physical sciences provide tools and strategies to obtain accurate measurements and simulate the information to allow to comprehend the processes. The development of computational modeling and informatics software will enable scientists and engineers to apply nanotechnology to key areas of medical research, including diagnostics, biosensing, drug delivery and biomaterial design.

The aim of this event is to set the discussion between biologists, physicists, computer scientists and engineers, traditionally divided groups, and bridge the gap between materials science and life science.

This event will bring together leading scientists, representatives of industry, public research and governmental bodies and will provide the international forum for exchange of information and expertise in the area of Nanobiotechnology. The organizers hope that the event will be an ideal platform for experts from around the world to interact, network and exchange ideas.

During NanoBio'08 conference a special session will be devoted to the responsible approach of development of Nanobiotechnology. The main objective of the special session is to discuss joining of Russia to the bodies responsible for international cooperation on environmental, health and safety impacts of nanobiotechnology; to present and to launch Russian Technology Platform "Nanobiotechnology. The session will provide new possibilities for strengthening and enhancing international cooperation between European and Russian scientists in the area of Nanobiotechnology, in particular in the fields affiliated to the Thematic Priority 4 of FP7 – NMP.

The scientific program NanoBio'08 will consist of oral, poster and position presentations.

The first conference (Nanobio'06) was held on November 27-29, 2006 at the Saint-Petersburg Physico-Technical Center for Research and Education of RAS. It was focused on biological aspects of nanobiotechnology.


• Artificial Nanostructures
• Self-organized Nanostructures
• Nanoscale organization of biological systems
• Nanocarbon
• Energy Nanomaterials
• System Biology
• Synthetic Biology
• Nanobionics
• Molecular Design
• Synthetic Biology
• Integrative Data and Text Mining Approaches
• Nanogydrodynamics
• Diagnostics and nanobiosensors
• Nanobiotech Risks Assessment for Human Health and Environment
• Nanobiotech Education and Industrial Innovation

Russian Young Scientists Competition (UMNIK). See www.fasie.ru.

Official Language
English will be the official language of the conference.

Local Organizing Committee of the Saint-Petersburg International Conference on Nanobiotechnologies, NanoBio'2008.
29 Polytechnicheskaya st., 195251 St. Petersburg, Russia
Tel.: +7 (812) 596 28 31
Fax: +7 (812) 297 20 88
E-mail: nanobio@spbcas.ru

We are looking forward to see you in Saint-Petersburg!

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