05 February 2014

Biopharmaceutics in Yekaterinburg goes to the world level

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Sverdlovsk Region Alexander Petrov paid a working visit to the Novouralsky City District, where he visited the research site of the Ural Center for Biopharmaceutical Technologies LLC (resident of the Skolkovo Foundation) and the production site of the Medsintez Plant LLC, the official website of the government of the Sverdlovsk Region reports.

The Ural Center for Biopharmaceutical Technologies, according to its CEO Pavel Sorokin, conducts extensive research work on the development of ready-made dosage forms for new compounds. Leading specialists of the Ural Federal University and institutes of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are involved in this work. On the basis of the enterprise, a unique research complex is being created, consisting of laboratories and experimental (experimental) sites. This complex allows for a full development cycle from the idea to the production of experimental series for preclinical and clinical trials.

"We are completing the installation of a complex of clean rooms and technological equipment, we expect the arrival of specialists from Germany soon to carry out commissioning work," he added.

It is planned that the laboratory will be put into operation in the first half of this year.

"There are no similar research centers and experimental sites in the Ural region that allow the development and scaling of technological processes in accordance with GMP requirements. I am sure that the specialists of the Ural Center for Biopharmaceutical Technologies will contribute to the development of innovative pharmaceuticals in the Urals," said Alexander Petrov, Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Pavel Sorokin also added that the company has reached the final stage of implementing a joint project with the Skolkovo Innovation Fund to develop original antiviral drugs.

"To date, we are completing clinical trials of Triazavirin on the basis of 11 clinical centers throughout Russia. We have successfully passed the first and second phase of clinical trials. As part of a project with the Skolkovo Foundation, we have developed about 15 new chemical compounds that are active against various viruses, including specific ones," the director of the center stressed.

Another Novouralsk enterprise, Medsintez, is completing a project to organize a full production cycle of Avelox within the framework of a strategic partnership agreement with BayerHealthCare. To date, the workshop has been reconstructed and the BayerHealthCare company has already been audited.

"In October, the plant released validation series of the drug. After validation, that is, additional tests confirming the stability, efficiency and suitability of the production process for release, a decision will be made to start industrial production of the Avelox drug," said Alexey Podkorytov, General director of the plant.

In addition, construction and installation works are being completed at the Medsintez plant in the premises of the workshop for the production of human genetically engineered insulin substance.

Alexander Petrov stressed that the regional authorities will support these projects, including in the issue of production and market launch of new Ural drugs.

"It's nice to see that such large and significant projects for the Sverdlovsk region are being completed. Large international projects are extremely important for the Sverdlovsk region, we are closely monitoring the life of innovative developments, in particular, the drug "Triazavirin". For our part, we are ready to develop an additional set of measures to introduce developments into the industry," he said.

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