30 May 2022

Good meat

Good Meat will become the world's largest producer of cultured meat

Stepan Ikaev, Hi-tech+


The American company Good Meat, a subsidiary of Just Eat Inc., announced the construction of the world's largest bioreactors for the production of cultured meat. A series of 10 plants will annually grow 13.7 thousand tons of chicken and beef by 2030. At the same time, Good Meat bioreactors will use cells taken from cell banks or eggs, that is, production will not require the slaughter of livestock and poultry. The project implementation will begin in the coming months, and the launch of the first Good Meat complex is scheduled for the end of 2024.

As noted The Guardian, cattle, chickens and other animals have a big impact on the environment due to methane emissions, deforestation and consumption of large volumes of water. According to scientists from Oxford University, the rejection of traditional animal husbandry is the most promising approach in the fight against the climate crisis. The Good Meat company wants to become a pioneer in the creation of alternative food products that will avoid animal slaughter and reduce the impact of animal husbandry on the climate of the planet.

"I think our grandchildren will ask us why we ate the meat of slaughtered animals in 2022. Cultured meat matters because it will allow us to eat meat without any harm, without the destruction of forests by bulldozers, without the need to slaughter animals and massively use antibiotics," Josh Tetrick, executive director of Eat Just, the parent company of Good Meat, told reporters.

Good Meat technology does not create artificial substitutes, such as chickpea cutlets or pea steaks, but produces real pieces of meat using bioreactors.

The latter contain a set of specialized substances that stimulate rapid cell growth. It is impossible to distinguish the taste, smell, color or texture of steaks made from Good Meat from those served in restaurants — even under a microscope.

Previously, the bioreactors needed for such production were assembled in small quantities and were severely limited in their size — it could take months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce one piece of meat. But Good Meat managed to optimize its production processes, so the company ordered from ABEC — the most famous manufacturer of bioreactors — ten largest installations at once.

According to the company, ABEC is already working on the production of new bioreactors. Each car will have a capacity of 250 thousand liters, and its height will be comparable to a four-story building.

The first Good Meat plant in the USA will be put into operation at the end of 2024. Two years later, in 2026, the company plans to produce 11.8 thousand tons of meat per year, and by 2030 the company will reach its maximum capacity — it will produce 13.7 thousand tons of beef and chicken per year.

"Our bioreactors will be the largest not only in the meat industry, but also in the biopharmaceutical industry. Thus, the design and engineering tasks are significant, capital investments are significant, and the potential to take another step towards distracting society from the slaughter of animals will be more significant than anything else," Tetrik said.

Despite the fact that the production of cultured meat is a relatively young industry, and the described project is the largest enterprise in the history of the sector, Good Meat already has significant experience working with such products. Among 170 companies growing cultured meat around the world, Good Meat is the only brand that has received regulatory approval to sell its products. Starting in December 2020, Good Meat supplies cultured chicken to restaurants in Singapore.

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