23 January 2012

Cord blood stem cells will cure sore knees

South Korea has allowed a drug from cord blood stem cells

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South Korean authorities have approved the release of a stem cell-based drug for the first time. According to Medical Xpress (S. Korea approves sales of new stem cell drug), permission for the free sale of the drug "Kartistem" (Cartistem) was issued by the country's Food and Drug Administration.

"Kartistem" was developed by the South Korean company Medipost. This medicine was created on the basis of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood.

The drug promotes the regeneration of cartilage tissue and is used for various diseases of the knee joints, in particular, deforming osteoarthritis. The medicine must be injected directly into the joint cavity.

According to the supervisory authority, "Kartistem" became the world's first allogeneic (derived from the tissues of another person) drug that was released to the market. Previously, treatment with stem cells taken from a patient was approved in a number of countries.

Clinical trials of the new drug began in the USA in 2011. According to Medipost's plans, the final stage of trials involving a large number of patients will begin there in 2015.

The development of "Kartystema" has been carried out since 2001. Almost $24 million has been allocated by South Korean government funds and private investors for these purposes.

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