14 July 2022

Nanotrenager for osteogenesis

Researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia, have achieved effective bone formation in a shorter time. They used an iron nanowire that bends in a magnetic field. A mesh of such wire was seeded with mesenchymal stem cells from human bone marrow, so that they received a kind of physical training on a substrate moving in a magnetic field. The researchers found that a low-frequency magnetic field significantly accelerated the process of bone development on nanowire scaffolds.

Osteopontin, a marker of the onset of osteogenesis, was expressed after cell culture for one week on the upper part of the skeleton without a magnetic field. The use of an external magnetic field significantly accelerated differentiation due to mechanical stimulation of cells by active deflection of the nanowire tips. Already after two days of incubation, with mechanical stimulation, genetic markers of bone tissue could be detected, while genes associated with the ability to differentiate and self-renewal quickly became inactive. Moreover, this was observed in the absence of any chemical factors accelerating differentiation.

The researchers could also observe with microscopy how the cells quickly rearrange, becoming similar to bone.


A cell grown on a nanowire frame.

As the authors hope, skeletons with stem cells can be safely implanted into damaged bones and accelerate tissue recovery under the influence of an external magnetic field.

The system can be modified and modified. Changing the stiffness of the matrix by increasing or decreasing the length and diameter of the nanowire will lead to controlled changes in stem cells. Other types of stem cells can be used, for example, to stimulate the growth of neurons and restore the brain after a stroke.

Article by J.Perez et al. Modulated nanowire scaffold for highly efficient differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells is published in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology.

Aminat Adzhieva, portal "Eternal Youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru .

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