28 November 2008

Does heavy water prolong life?

From the editorial office:
There are a lot of absurdities and obvious mistakes both in the original article and in the short retelling of "Inopressa" given below they were translated verbatim (just in case the strangest and most incomprehensible places are underlined).

For many centuries, humanity has been trying to unravel the secret of a long and healthy life, writes The Daily Mail journalist Fiona Makre. Now scientists have found that heavy water, which contains deuterium instead of hydrogen, adds at least ten years to life.

The author of this idea is a former scientist at Oxford University, Dr. Mikhail Shchepinov. His theory is based on deuterium, a natural isotope of hydrogen – it strengthens the connection between the cells of the body, which reduces their vulnerability. Shchepinov managed to find that water enriched with deuterium prolongs the life of worms by 10%, and fruit flies, which were watered with the "elixir of life" as part of the experiment, lived 30% longer than usual. According to the scientist, "heavy" foods can also be useful.

Such food can be prepared either by directly adding deuterium to food, or by enriching pet food, writes New Scientist magazine this week. And Dr. Shchepinov stated the following: "We won't need to consume isotopes in powder form. You can feed it to a pig and then consume the pig as usual."

The journalist of the publication cites various responses from representatives of the scientific community to the discovery made by Mikhail Shchepinov – from intrigue to doubts about another crazy hypothesis.

If you want to understand how M. Shchepinov explains the mechanisms of the geroprotective action of deuterium (and read in English), we recommend a much more sensible article in New Scientist - Would eating heavy atoms lengthen our lives?
However, this hypothesis does not seem less controversial even in a competent presentation:(

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