23 August 2010

IV International Congress of Molecular Medicine

 Scientific Social CommunityThe 4th International Congress of Molecular Medicine will be held in Istanbul on June 27-30, 2011 and was created as an important forum for researchers and clinicians from all over the world.

Scientific directions:

  • Genomic analyses and molecular foundations;
  • Molecular foundations of cancer;
  • Free radicals and antioxidants;
  • Molecular microbiology, pharmacogenetics;
  • Molecular foundations of cardiology;
  • Genetic immunology;
  • Biochemistry and biochemical genetics;
  • Proteomics and Computer science;
  • Stem cells and cell therapy;
  • Molecular markers in diagnostics and therapy;
  • Nutrigenomics;
  • Immune genomics;
  • Epigenetics;
  • Gene therapy;
  • Personalized genetics;
  • Phenotype, response to therapy and molecular genetics in various fields of endocrinology;
  • Neurobiology.

The official language of the Congress: English

All accepted abstracts will be published in the journal "IN VIVO"

Deadline for submitting abstracts: February 15, 2011
Application deadline: June 26, 2011

Organizer: Turkish Association of Molecular Medicine

Contact information: Triga Group Kongre ve Organizasyon, Libadiye Cd. Barajyolu Sk. Aydogan Apt. No:8/1,Kucukcamlica, Istanbul.
Tel.: +90 216 443 28 98 , fax: +90 216 443 25 27
Email: secretariat@molekuler2011.orgPortal "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru


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