10 September 2019

Learning is light, even in old age

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation will discuss the education of older people

On September 19, the Moscow International Forum "Lifelong Learning" will be held in Moscow as part of the work of the General Council of Members of the European Federation of Older Persons (EURAG). Accessibility of education in old age".

The Forum will be organized by the Union of Pensioners of Russia, the European Federation of the Elderly (EURAG), the Moscow Mayor's project "Moscow Longevity", the Interregional Charitable Public Foundation "Quality of Life" with the support of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, the Pension Fund of Russia.

Foreign and Russian specialists and experts in the field of education of the elderly, government representatives, members of the scientific community, practitioners of the non-profit sector, representatives of the business community will take part in the discussions of the Forum.

The Forum will discuss approaches to the education of the elderly in a changing world and its demographic, economic and cultural challenges: an increase in life expectancy, an aging population, a reduction in the birth rate in developed countries, the presence of a cultural and educational intergenerational gap, the global digital transformation of professions and society.

One of the key solutions may be a continuous education system that works with people throughout their lives. The effectiveness of continuing education is recognized by experts and authorities. In addition to the state, business and public organizations are also involved in this work. However, while the content and forms of education for the elderly are insufficiently developed, the actions of all participants in this market are not coordinated.

"It is very important to find a balance between the demand for education from the older generation and the opportunities that we provide them. We are talking about the discrepancy between the actual needs of pensioners in knowledge and the structure of the offered educational programs; about the growing commercialization of educational services, including in state educational institutions; about the poor training of many elderly people in the field of computer and digital technologies, which does not allow a pensioner to take advantage of the opportunities of modern educational programs on the Internet, – notes Valery Ryazansky, Chairman of the Union of Pensioners of Russia, Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation. "It is important to assess the relevance of the existing regulatory framework and the level of federal and regional documents related to the education of people of retirement age in order to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to this extremely important topic."

"Education at an older age is one of the most important aspects of healthy and active longevity. Today we see the growing interest of the participants of the Moscow Longevity project in educational directions and training programs – more than 12.5 thousand older Muscovites have studied at the Silver University, and the number of applicants and educational directions continues to grow. In addition, the leading universities of the country join the "Moscow Longevity" and for the first time open their doors to older citizens. I am sure that the experience of Moscow will be of interest to European colleagues," comments Vladimir Filippov, Deputy Head of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Moscow.

Panel discussions will focus on three key topics:

  • Education of elderly people in the field of healthy lifestyle and longevity preservation
  • IT education for the elderly
  • Challenges of the future: preparation for active longevity.

The best practices in the field of education of people of retirement age in Russia and Europe will be presented: specialists will exchange original practices, technologies and methods, discuss their effectiveness.

The Forum program includes presentations by foreign experts, representatives of European and international organizations, as well as Ms. Vitaliya Gaukaite Wittih, Head of the Population Department of the Statistics Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Forum website: http://eurag.rospensioner.ru /

Date and time: September 19, 2019, beginning at 10:00

Venue: Moscow, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Miusskaya pl., 7, p. 1

Forum Organizers:

  • Union of Pensioners of Russia, SPR
  • European Federation of the Elderly, EURAG
  • The Mayor's project "Moscow Longevity"
  • MOBF "Quality of Life"

With the support of:

  • Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
  • Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

With the assistance of:

Public Chamber of the Russian Federation


  • Izmailovo Group of Companies (Gamma, Delta)
  • FSUE "President-Service" of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation

Background information:
Tel.: +7(495) 5450843, ext. 333 Larisa Stasevich
e-mail: org@qualityoflife.ru

Contacts for accreditation to the Forum:
Tel.: +7 916 107 01 76 Elena Bulatova
e-mail: Bulatova@cros.ru

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