14 October 2021

Post-cortical recovery

On November 23, RBC will hold the First iHerb Forum dedicated to the recovery of the body after COVID-19. The conference will be held in Moscow at the Omega Rooftop site in the Tsvetnoy department store. The conference broadcast will be available online on the RBC Conferences page on Facebook and on the YouTube channel.


In Russia, the number of people with coronavirus is about 7 million people. And although it is possible to control the rate of spread of the virus, healthcare has a new problem – the need for comprehensive rehabilitation. In early September, the Ministry of Health presented a draft Program of state guarantees for 2022 and the planning period 2023-2024, in which it increased the amount of money for rehabilitation after COVID-19.

As part of the forum discussions, experts will try to find answers to the following questions:

  • How much money will be needed for a full-fledged rehabilitation?
  • Are the funds pledged by the Ministry of Health sufficient?
  • How clearly are the recommendations for rehabilitation spelled out?
  • Should the medical community take this problem more seriously?
  • What can a person himself do after he has suffered COVID-19?

Among the speakers of the conference:

  • Ilya Mikin – CEO of iHerb, Chairman of the Commission on Dietary Supplements and Healthy Nutrition of OPORA RUSSIA,
  • Irina Pudova – head of ANO "Healthy Nation", Ambassador of Rospotrebnadzor, Russian TV presenter,
  • Rinat Bogdanov - Member of the Coordinating Council of Chief freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Moscow Region, Chief freelance specialist neurologist, MD Professor,
  • Natalia Gorn is a general practitioner, stress management specialist, health coach, anti–age therapist and author of seminars on nutrients, vitamins and hormones,
  • Vladimir Sudarev is a nutritionist, FGBNU "Research Institute of Nutrition", a teacher at the Center for Nutritionology and Adaptive Nutrition of the RSSU.

Registration and a detailed program of the forum are available at the link.

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