24 November 2022

Regenerative Medicine at MSU

The V National Congress on Regenerative Medicine has started its work in Moscow

Maxim Mayorov, "Scientific Russia"

New developments in the field of tissue cultivation and restoration — one of the promising areas of modern medical science — will be presented at the V National Congress on Regenerative Medicine, the grand opening of which took place yesterday at Lomonosov Moscow State University. Over the next two days, scientists, experts, doctors, healthcare organizers, as well as representatives of the rapidly growing regenerative medicine industry will take part in it.

At the beginning of the event, Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University V.A. Sadovnichy made a speech. According to him, the National Congress on Regenerative Medicine has many important functions, including educational, telling people about the development of medicine in our country. "This is a significant event of medical science in our country," said the Rector of Moscow State University. It will be interesting to everyone, including young scientists. The leading role in this is played by Lomonosov Moscow State University, where there is an Institute of Regenerative Medicine, which has world-class laboratories where world-class medicines are produced and introduced into healthcare. And also a whole biomedical cluster has been formed and is working.

According to O. V. Krivonos, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Government of the Russian Federation, and T. V. Semenova, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, regenerative medicine today is an extremely promising and in—demand industry, for the development of which a lot is being done in Russia. For example, the federal project "Medical Science for Man" was created, within the framework of which 8 tissue engineering products were selected for implementation into clinical practice — this is the development of Lomonosov Moscow State University for the treatment of male infertility, a product for the treatment of injuries of the V. P. Serbsky Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, and others. Programs have been developed to replicate these technologies throughout the Russian Federation and train relevant personnel, a simplified procedure for conducting clinical trials has been introduced, and a register of patients receiving tissue products has been created. In total, 10 billion rubles are planned to be allocated for work in this area until 2030.

D. V. Afanasyev, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education, spoke about a number of measures of the Ministry of Education and Science aimed at supporting regenerative medicine in the Russian Federation. These are the development of appropriate training courses in higher educational institutions, the deepening of scientific research, the creation of special platforms for the exchange of experience in the field of regenerative medicine. "We are ready to participate in working groups, in consortia to develop its potential," said the Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine of Lomonosov Moscow State University V.A. Tkachuk and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. P. Chekhov told about the history of the development of regenerative medicine in the Russian Federation. According to them, regenerative medicine is a medicine that has never existed before, even 20 years ago, it was impossible to even approach the cultivation of new cells and tissues or the restoration of dead ones. Therefore, its formation in our country was fragmented and with great difficulty, there was misunderstanding and resistance, but over time the situation changed. Many institutes and laboratories have appeared all over the country, thanks to the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the government has begun to finance this science, thanks to which there are already achievements in the treatment of oncology, strokes, joint pathologies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes and many other diseases. "This is a turning point in the development of regenerative medicine in our country," said the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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