23 April 2019

What happened at the IV AI Conference

Results of the Moscow AI AI Conference: speakers discussed business automation

On April 9, Smile-Expo held the fourth AI Conference in Moscow – a conference on artificial intelligence in business. The event brought together the owners of the largest companies, technology developers and marketers who told how AI improves workflows.


What did the speakers discuss?

Invited experts shared how automation and artificial intelligence technologies help businesses develop in Russia. The conference was opened by the head and founder of the "Customer Experience Laboratory" Sergey Shopik.

After the moderator's greeting, the speakers examined in detail how AI improves customer service, automates production, attracts customers and creates business analytics.

Problems and prospects of AI

Konstantin Gorbach, Director of the Department of Intelligent Applications at the company "Digit", spoke about the difficulties and prospects in the use of AI.

The expert explained what stages the development of AI solutions is divided into today:

  • 2-3 weeks – setting the task;
  • 1-3 months – motivation for the customer and approval of the project;
  • 2-7 months – preparation of documentation, security and automation of a given process;
  • 5-6 months – scaling;
  • the result is a unified architecture and management.

Among the problems related to AI, the speaker highlighted the transformation of the labor market. He explained that technology will not take jobs, as the duties of robots and humans will be divided. Artificial intelligence will take responsibility for collecting information, analyzing data and interpreting results, and people will create motivation for companies and interact with customers.

Project financing

Alexey Dobrusin, founder of the Internet agency Gedocorp and a member of the Guild of Marketers, told the audience how to attract state funding for artificial intelligence projects.

The speaker explained that projects receive funding not for the use of technology, but for solving specific problems and tasks. If, with the help of the functionality and the cost of AI, the team performs all this effectively, it will attract capital.

He also recommended that projects receive support from national accelerators and state programs for the development of technologies. The main advice of the specialist is to follow the needs of the market and focus on the tasks that are relevant today.

Automation of business processes

The founder of Info Systems Leonid Konovalov shared the secrets of automation for small and medium-sized businesses.

The speaker explained that when filling out reports manually, there is a risk of failure, theft and write-offs. Therefore, it is necessary to use AI to automate accounting, reporting of various types, turnover and warehouse – the technology will reduce risks.

He also stressed that AI should be applied when the business is already working and scaling:

"First, the entrepreneur's thinking and competitive business model, then technology," the expert is convinced.

Converting expenses into income

Director of GANDIVA Anton Malov shared how AI reduces personnel costs and increases the company's revenue using the example of the AGAT auto holding.

The expert said that the AI system implemented in the company's work recorded what each employee was doing and whether he justified the costs for himself. As a result, the speed of decision-making increased by 25%, internal customer requests were fulfilled 72% faster, and employee satisfaction with internal services increased by 71%.

AI for user support

Felix Skvortsov, Head of the Robotization of Processes at KROC, revealed the topic of robotic user support using the example of the smart chatbot M.Video".

According to the speaker, up to 70% of applications from clients do not require human intervention.

"Up to 90% of applications to HR services can be executed automatically, as well as up to 100% of newcomers' requests for information about the company," the expert explained.

He told the audience how the chatbot was implemented in M.Video: they analyzed the data, proved the accuracy of AI work in 60% of applications, launched a project to implement MO on a larger sample of data and made a bot in mail and messenger.


As part of the event, a demo zone was organized, where companies developing AI technologies presented their projects to visitors.

The Neurospectr company demonstrated an intelligent system for marking images in order to train computer vision systems.

BM Group "Innovation Factory" presented interactive panels to the guests. The company produces interactive equipment: from educational tables for children to complex equipment of state-scale facilities.

The company PR STORY, which develops solutions in the field of intelligent video broadcasting, showed the guests applications that evaluate the effectiveness of targeted advertising.

And the GANDIVA lean management system introduced visitors to its projects for companies, including a new solution in the management of the company and the back office.

Smile-Expo Company thanks the exhibitors and media partners for participating in the AI Conference and is waiting for you at the next event!

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