03 June 2021

Bio/mol/text – 2021/2022


"Biomolecule" marked the first anniversary and again in the eleventh! once holding a contest for the best popular scientific work of modern biology. We invite talented science communicators to tell interesting, beautiful or creative draw to remove anything on their favorite subject.

This time as special categories will be the subject of Biophysics, to judge which will be Fazail Ignatovich Ataullakhanov – Russian biophysicist whose work is on the study of blood coagulation, metabolism of red blood cells and the organization of cell division become a classic. Will continue its work and which started a year ago nomination "Academy & business". We also present two new special prize: "Fiery newcomer" for those who dare to submit his first non-fiction article, and Honoris causa – the prize for the most productive authors, the results of this and previous competitions.

One of the main missions "Biomolecules" – open the way to reading new authors and old creators to provide new ways for self-development. To do this, we have more than ten years of conducting scientific and popular competition "Bio/Mall/Text". Each participant passed the primary selection, we give you the opportunity to revise the paper and submit it our large, professional, discerning and interested audience. And the competition is all over, most talented authors we invite in the edition of "Biomolecules" together to create a nice Russian-language reading.

We look forward to your work, Mature and featherless beginners living in Russia and outside of it, any profession, age and citizenship! We are only interested in your talent, knowledge and ability to explain complex scientific field simple, clear and fun. We wish you owned the most new information and were able to analyze scientific data and publications colleagues to your texts and pictures, cartoons and videos, felt the pulse live science. In General, we are expecting miracles. And the only reason and organize a contest.

The main theme of the contest: modern biology and Biomedicine.

Submissions will be accepted from June 1 to December 1, 2021, inclusive.

The results of the competition will be published on the winners of the April 23, 2022

Details on the contest website.

The portal of "Eternal youth" http://vechnayamolodost.ru

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