30 August 2013

Dynasty grants for young biologists

2014 Grant Competition

The Dynasty Foundation announces another competition for grants for young scientists specializing in the field of molecular and cellular biology.

Objectives of the Competition:

  • targeted support for young candidates of sciences specializing in molecular and cellular biology;
  • increasing the domestic mobility and scientific level of young biologists;
  • preparing actively working young biologists to create their own research groups;
  • inclusion of young biologists in the international system of science organization.

Who can participate?

Candidates of sciences, as well as holders of equivalent degrees (PhD, MD) who have defended their dissertation (by the date of defense) no more than 3 (three) years before the start date of the Competition (including dissertations that were defended on September 1) can take part in the Competition.

If the applicant woman has a child (children) born (born) within 3 (three) years after the defense of the thesis, the deadline for submitting an application for the Competition for it is extended by 1 (one) one year for each child born during the specified period.

The Contestant must be under 35 years old on the start date of the Contest (he must not be 35 years old on September 1 of the year of the announcement of the Contest).

The participant submits only one application for the competition, however, in case of non-consideration of the grant, it is possible to re-participate in the Competition in subsequent years.

Biologists working in the following fields (according to the codes of the classifier "Corps of Experts") can take part in the Competition:

301 Biophysics
302 Biochemistry
303 Enzymology
304 Molecular Biology
305 Bioinformatics (computational molecular biology)
306 Systems biology
307 Structural biology
308 Cell biology and cytology
309 Immunology
312 Biotechnology
314 Molecular medicine
3152 Population genetics
3153 Medical genetics
3154 Molecular genetics
3163 Cellular neurophysiology
3165 Biophysical physiology of plants
3202 Molecular evolution
3211 Molecular microbiology
3221 Molecular Virology

The scientific activity of the winners of the Competition at the expense of grants from the Dynasty Foundation should be carried out on the basis of Russian scientific and/or educational organizations.

The grant within the framework of the Competition assumes compliance with one of the following conditions:

  • change of institute/laboratory (i.e. carrying out scientific activities at the expense of the grant received in case of winning the Competition, on the basis of an institute/laboratory other than the organization in which the work on the PhD thesis was carried out);
  • performing work on a fundamentally new topic (i.e. on a topic different from the topic of the previous work and the defended dissertation).

The contestant must have at least one article with the first authorship in an international scientific journal with an impact factor of at least 2.0. The last (corresponding) or equal contribution co-authorship is also allowed.

The receiving laboratory must have at least 3 (three) in the last 5 (five) years articles in an international scientific journal with an impact factor of at least 2.0, in which the head of the laboratory is the corresponding author.

The deadline for submitting documents is from September 1 to October 15, 2013 (until 24.00 Moscow time).

How will the selection process take place?

The examination is two-level: the initial examination is carried out by experts from among the leading Russian and foreign scientists, as a rule, from among the participants of the "Corps of Experts"; each application is considered by three experts. The final examination is carried out by the Expert Council.

The grant is awarded for 3 years with the possibility of extension for 1 year.

The grant amount is 600,000 rubles per year. Of these, the remuneration of the grantee is no more than 300,000 rubles, and the remaining amount of money is spent on the purchase of consumables, additional equipment and components (including computers), attraction of necessary services, participation in conferences, payment for the publication of articles.

It is allowed to use no more than 25% of the grant amount that was not used in one financial year during the next financial year.

Detailed information about the Competition is published on the Foundation's website.

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