19 April 2019

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Ferring and GenerationS begin search for startups in the field of reproductive medicine


The Swiss biopharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals will search for technological projects based on GenerationS, a corporate accelerator from RVC.


A team that has submitted a development that meets the Ferring criteria and has received the approval of the expert council will be able to gain access to the company's laboratories around the world, as well as claim a cash prize of up to 10,000 euros for the development of the project.

Projects at the preclinical research stage and above in the therapeutic areas of reproductive health and fertility can participate. Among the areas of search are the development of new peptide drugs, new drug delivery systems, genetics and genomics, as well as new diagnostic tools and digital solutions for working with big data in the field of reproductive medicine. There are 9 directions in total.

Participation will allow startups to receive feedback from recognized experts in the areas of selection, undergo an internship in Ferring laboratories around the world and finalize their project. The teams that have proposed the most promising solutions will be able to count on long-term cooperation with the company.

"Biomedicine is considered one of the most complex industries, as it is associated with a long period of scientific research and product launch to the market. Our task is to help young scientists gain access to the infrastructure necessary to accelerate the development and piloting of products, including in global markets. Combining the experience gained in the development of high—tech business in GenerationS and Ferring's expertise in pharmaceuticals, we create additional conditions for the development of the biotechnology ecosystem in Russia," said the director of the GenerationS corporate accelerator Ekaterina Petrova.

"We are doing everything possible to meet the growing needs of patients and develop new effective methods of treatment within the framework of personalized medicine. That is why our efforts are aimed at finding innovative solutions and technologies that, by combining with Ferring's significant research resources, will help expand the possibilities of treatment in the field of reproductive health, shape the future of fertility and increase life expectancy," said the CEO of Ferring Pharmaceuticals Russia and Eurasia Kirill Litovchenko.

Participation in the selection is free of charge. You can find out about the directions and apply for participation until September 16, 2019 on the contest website.

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