26 August 2020


Registration for the MultiTechBattle biotechnologists competition is open for schoolchildren of grades 5-11, college students and 1-2 courses of universities. 



The competition will be held from September 2 to October 30, 2020 on the basis of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

MultiTechBattle is an online challenge for schoolchildren and students dedicated to biotechnologies, molecular genetic technologies, programming and technical vision combined to solve scientific and practical problems. Participants will have access to the best laboratories, consultations of the coolest experts and check which technologies will be the most effective in practice.

At the first stage of MultiTechBattle, participants will listen to lectures and master classes from leading scientists in the field of molecular genetic methods, biotechnology, programming and computer vision. After testing, they will unite into ten interdisciplinary teams that will develop their projects in the declared direction. Participants implement their projects in scientific laboratories with the involvement of information technology and online broadcast of the experiment.

In 2020, the competition is dedicated to the use of algae to combat greenhouse gases that appear as a result of human activity and are one of the causes of climate change.

Among the experts are Ilya Manukhov, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics at MIPT, Elena Petersen, Head of the Biological Process Automation Group at the Laboratory of Control Systems at MIPT, Mikhail Zaripov, researcher at the Laboratory of Wave Processes and Control Systems at MIPT, Dmitry Shishkov, researcher at the Laboratory of Wave Processes and Control Systems at MIPT, Timur Chernov, assistant at the Department of Molecular and Biological Physics at MIPT, and head of the Sports robotics club MIPT Eduard Petrenko.

All winners of the final stage will receive prizes from Biowalks – various research kits, certification courses and internships in leading biotechnology laboratories.

The competition is organized by the Biowalks Bureau of Natural Science Enthusiasts with the support of the NTI and MIPT Circle Movement.

Applications are accepted until September 7, 2020 on the website: https://practicingfutures.org/mtb.

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