13 December 2013

Nanolympics 2013-14

VIII All-Russian Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology
 "Nanotechnology – a breakthrough into the future" 2013-2014

Lomonosov Moscow State University and the RUSNANO Foundation for Infrastructure and Educational Programs announce the start of the VIII Intellectual Forum – Olympiad "Nanotechnology – a Breakthrough into the Future".

The general partner of the Olympiad is the federal program for the search, support and development of talented youth "Elevator to the Future" (AFK Sistema).

The All–Russian Intellectual Forum - The VIII All-Russian Internet Olympiad on Nanotechnology continues the traditions of the Internet Olympiad held since 2006.

The purpose of the intellectual forum-Olympiad is to develop interdisciplinary natural science approaches in education, science and technology. The Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Olympiad is the Rector of Moscow University, Academician V.A.Sadovnichy. Educational and methodological support of the Olympiad is provided by the MSU Scientific and Educational Center for Nanotechnology, the Faculty of Materials Sciences, Chemical, Physical, Biological, Mechanical and Mathematical Faculties of MSU, as well as representatives of a number of leading universities and organizations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, invited to the methodological commission and the jury of the Olympiad. The Supervisory Board of the Olympiad includes the largest Russian representatives of science and business engaged in the development of nanotechnology. The Olympiad is held in close cooperation with the RUSNANO School League.

Schoolchildren of grades 7-11, students, postgraduates, young scientists, teachers, teachers, enthusiasts of nanotechnology development from the Russian Federation, CIS countries and foreign countries can take part in the forum-Olympiad. To obtain the status of a participant, it is necessary to provide the necessary minimum of authentic personal information during registration. Participants of all previous Olympiads need to re-register according to a simplified scheme and supplement (correct) the data of their questionnaire.

Participation in the Olympiad at all stages is free of charge.

Within the framework of the Intellectual Forum-Olympiad, contests will be organized that will allow any participant to maximize their strength, knowledge, experience and creativity.

The VIII Internet Olympiad is included in the draft list of the RSOSH Olympiads of schoolchildren in the complex of subjects "chemistry", "physics", "mathematics", "biology" (number 2 in the list), which gives applicants from the Russian Federation and a number of CIS countries the opportunity to enter universities of the Russian Federation on preferential terms.

Reception and examination of project works will be organized for schoolchildren. A competition of research papers will be held for students, postgraduates and young scientists. The full-time round of the forum-Olympiad will host a school-conference of participants with master classes on working with modern synthetic and analytical equipment, examination of design and creative works, discussion of issues of modern natural science education.

All winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad will receive official diplomas, valuable prizes and gifts.

We invite all participants to register and wish everyone new achievements.

Information about the Olympiad is available on the website of the nanotechnology community "Nanometer".

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