19 January 2021

Pharmaceuticals in silico

Recruitment of participants of the Fifth School of Mathematical Modeling in Pharmacy



Registration of students, postgraduates and young scientists to the School of Mathematical Modeling in the field of Drug development has begun. 

The event will be held from 1 to 4 February 2021 in the innovation and educational complex "Technograd".

The school is organized by the Skolkovo Open University (OtUS), the Biomedical Technologies cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation and M&S Decisions in partnership with AstraZeneca and Technograd.

To participate in the Fifth School of Mathematical Modeling, you must submit an application on the OtUS website. Participation in the event is free, classes will be held from February 1 to February 4, 2021.

The matmodeling school is designed for those who want to create medicines faster, cheaper and with fewer side effects. 

The purpose of the school is to introduce senior students, postgraduates, young scientists and specialists with the basic methods of mathematical modeling at different stages of drug development.

This is exactly what the Skolkovo company M&S Decisions is doing, but at a professional level, which cooperates with global pharmaceutical companies and provides services in pharmacometric and system-pharmacological modeling for the development of new medicines.

Technograd IOC, where the Math Modeling School classes will be held, is the flagship career guidance project of the Moscow government, the only one in Russia, says Vadim Lazutin, Director of Educational Programs: "The School of Mathematical Modeling in Pharmaceuticals is a high–tech educational intensive, which in practice shows the experience of a successful symbiosis of science and business," he believes. "An interdisciplinary approach allows young scientists to build up rare skills demanded by the labor market and improve their professional competencies."

Registration of School participants on the website of the Skolkovo Open University.

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