27 January 2020

Preparation for the "Lab" has begun

We celebrate the Day of Russian Science with the best scientists


On February 8, 2020, the fourth educational campaign "Open Laboratory" will be held. Everyone will be able to check their picture of the world from the point of view of advanced natural science knowledge. It will be possible to participate in Lab 2020 both offline and online on the laba.media website. At foreign venues in about 30 countries, the action will again be held in the main languages of the world.

The leading scientists of Russia and the world took part in the preparation of tasks in physics, astrophysics, biology, and genetics. Participants of the action – "laboratory assistants" – are waiting for personal questions from evolutionist, Doctor of Biology Alexander Markov, bioinformatics, Doctor of Biology Mikhail Gelfand, astrophysicist, Ph.D., Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Popov, astrophysicist, Ph.D., Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Kovalev, geophysicist, Ph.D. of Alexander Kostinsky.

"Open Laboratory" not only supports the interest of children, teenagers and adults in obtaining new knowledge, but also shows the cutting edge of science through questions and tasks that eminent scientists and popularizers came up with specifically for our campaign, explains the founder of the campaign, the founder of the ANO "Laboratory of Educational Projects" Roman Avdeev.

Most of the authors of the tasks will also become "zavlabs", that is, leading the action. So, the central platform will be the Chemical Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University and here you can test yourself under the guidance of an astrophysicist Yuri Kovalev.

Chemist-crystallographer Artem Oganov and popularizer, author of the blog "Everything is like animals" Evgeny Timonov are waiting for you at the site of Mail Ru Group in Moscow. Registration is here.

Children (from 7 to 12 years old) will also have their own special quiz, "zavlabs" and an additional program at each site. The "Open Laboratory" has finally become an action for the whole family: now everyone who can read and write can "add science to friends".

All the content of the campaign has passed the expertise of our fundamental partner – the Russian Science Foundation – with the support of leading Russian scientists.

In addition to the quiz with the best scientists, all the guests of the action will have an interesting additional program at each venue: scientific shows, public lectures, master classes and, of course, the best documentary popular science films from around the world from our permanent partner - the Festival of Actual Scientific Cinema (FUNK).

Geophysicist Alexander Kostinsky, astrophysicist Dmitry Vibe and Alexander Tolmachev, biologist, popularizer of science for children are waiting for you in the lecture hall "ARCHE". Registration is here.

The history of the Open Laboratory project began in 2017. "Then the action was held in 37 cities of Russia and 3 countries. In 2019, we organized 7 educational events and people from 350 Russian cities and 40 countries participated in them. In 2019, we reached the bar of one million participants in our quizzes. This is the most massive one-day popular science event in the world," says Roman Avdeev.

Choose your city and register.

If you want to become a partner of the project, organize a platform for the action or get more information about the action or be accredited to the central platform of the action at Moscow State University on February 8 – write to us at info@openlaba.com

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