20 April 2022

Regenerative Biomedicine at MSU

New enrollment for the Master's program

"Scientific Russia"

Regenerative biomedicine is a new field of science that studies the processes of tissue renewal and repair. Its developments will allow replacing partially or completely lost and unformed organs, as well as prolonging human life. Many topics of the field are associated with innovative approaches, and therefore highly qualified specialists are needed. The Faculty of Fundamental Medicine and the Faculty of Biology of Moscow State University train such professionals within the framework of the recently opened master's program "Regenerative Biomedicine", and now a new set has been opened for it: 15 contract and 15 budget places. The program works within the framework of the scientific and educational school "Molecular technologies of living systems and synthetic biology".


Students with higher education in the field of medicine, chemistry, biology, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, as well as related areas can enter the master's program in this direction. Upon completion of the training, students will acquire a level of training sufficient to work in the field of regenerative medicine, biology of regenerative processes, as well as the development and production of products for gene and cell therapy.

The Master's degree program includes extensive theoretical modules taught by advanced specialists in the field of regenerative medicine, blocks of practical classes, internships at production sites, research work in world-class scientific groups. The program allows students from the first steps to fully immerse themselves in the field of development and creation of biomedical cell products and biological preparations, which are a new word in world medicine.

 "Regenerative Biomedicine is a unique master's program for training highly qualified specialists of a wide profile who are able to use fundamental knowledge for the development and implementation of regenerative biomedicine methods in clinical practice. This rapidly developing field opens up prospects for creating a completely new type of therapy aimed not only at curing serious diseases associated with the loss or underdevelopment of organs and tissues, but also at preserving human health and prolonging human life. In 2021, Moscow University was the first in Russia to successfully launch a master's program in regenerative biomedicine, and this year it is expanding the enrollment of students, including opening budget places," said the head of the program, Academician Vsevolod Tkachuk, director of the Institute of Regenerative Medicine of the Moscow State University, Dean of the MSU FFM, president of the Society for Regenerative Medicine. 

Detailed information, conditions of admission and study in the master's program can be found on the websites of the MSU FFM http://www.fbm.msu.ru/admissions/magistracy and the Institute of Regenerative Medicine (MSU IRM) http://irm.msu.ru/magistracy .

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