18 October 2019

TOP 10 innovative companies in healthcare

Top 10 innovative companies in healthcare

In Moscow, at the grand opening of the Healthy Society Space within the framework of the III All-Russian Forum on Public Health, a competition "TOP 10 innovative companies in healthcare" was announced. The ceremony was attended by: Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Salagai; Head of the European Office for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases, Head of the Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Program of the World Health Organization Joao Breda; Head of the country office of the World Health Organization in Kazakhstan Oleg Chestnov; First Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly Igor Kagramanyan of the Russian Federation; Elena Sokolova, Director of the Content Expert and Analytical Activity Development Fund; Anastasia Stolkova, First Deputy Director for Development of the Roscongress Foundation, Head of the Healthy Society Project. The competition was organized by the Roscongress Foundation together with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Content Foundation and the Skolkovo Foundation.

"There are a sufficient number of innovative healthcare companies operating in Russia today, whose projects are competitive on the world market. Holding such competitions allows us to find the most talented teams and promising projects that will receive comprehensive support," said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

The competition is part of the Roscongress Foundation's Business Priority project. The status of Business Priority opens up wide opportunities for active growth and development for the company. The selected projects will receive support from the country's leading experts, assistance in promoting, as well as in finding and attracting investment funds.

"The competition is held to support innovative companies whose activities directly contribute to the implementation of state policy in the field of healthcare, improving the quality of life of the population and the introduction of innovative medical technologies. Technology companies are one of the drivers of the industry and play an important role in solving national problems," said Oleg Salagai, Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation.

The final part of the competition and the award ceremony of the winners will be held at the Healthy Society Forum on February 12, 2020.

"The winners of the competition will receive the most valuable thing that can be offered to an entrepreneur – assistance in building and scaling a business. Thanks to the support, companies will be able to attract investments and enter the international market as soon as possible," said Arkady Dvorkovich, Chairman of the Skolkovo Foundation.

The competition "TOP 10 innovative companies in healthcare" is designed to combine efforts and knowledge in various fields of science, technology, medicine to create the healthcare landscape of the future. New technology projects and teams ready for the challenges of the future will have direct access to the world's largest technology consumers, will be able to implement their project as quickly as possible, move to scaling and exporting their product to foreign markets.

The Healthy Society Forum will be held for the second time on February 12, 2020 as part of the Russian Investment Forum in the Main Media Center of the Sochi Olympic Park and will be held under the motto "Sustainable Development Goals 2020". The Forum is the result of the annual activity of the Roscongress Foundation's public project "Healthy Society" and was created with the aim of finding and working out practical proposals for the implementation of national projects aimed at solving the problem of increasing the healthy life expectancy of Russian citizens, and is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

The Healthy Society Forum was held for the first time on February 13, 2019. The Forum was attended by 3,000 people.

The Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activities is an intellectual partner of the Healthy Society project. The Foundation was created to promote the formation of the foundations of a healthy society and sustainable social development in Russia. The Foundation's activities are aimed at organizing industry events, implementing educational and awareness-raising programs, as well as providing expert and analytical support.

Applications are accepted on the Business Priority website.

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