10 September 2021

10000000000000 Zimbabwean dollars

An orgasm cures a runny nose, and a beard protects from blows. For which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 2021

Ekaterina Shutova, XX2 century

The winners of the 31st Nobel Prize (Ig Nobel Prize) were announced in the USA – a comic award for discoveries that "first cause laughter, and then make you think."

Three researchers from the USA received the Peace Prize – for their work that men allegedly need a beard in order to protect their face in a fist fight. During the experiment, scientists lowered weights on a dummy human bone. It turned out that when the bone was covered with sheep's wool, vegetation absorbed part of the impact energy.

The prize in economics was awarded to Professor Pavel Blavatsky, who found out that the obesity of politicians may indicate their corruption.

The award in physics was given to scientists who tried to figure out why pedestrians do not collide when they walk towards each other.

Another group of scientists received an award in kinetics – she found out why pedestrians sometimes collide.

Researchers who collected chewing gums on the roads of different countries and studied for the bacteria contained in them were recognized as the best in ecology.

The chemistry prize was awarded to a team of scientists who studied the chemical composition of the air in cinemas on films of different genres.

Specialists who proved that orgasm can be used as a remedy for nasal congestion were recognized as the best in medicine (it's funny that the author of the publication came to this conclusion after "his own observations" and only then conducted a study with colleagues).

The Nobel Prize in Biology was awarded to scientists who analyzed the sounds made by cats when communicating with humans.

The best in entomology was a researcher who studied ways to fight cockroaches on submarines.

And the scientist who was recognized as the best in the field of transport sciences was

together with colleagues, I figured out what happens to rhinos when they are transported upside down.

All the winners received 10 trillion Zimbabwean dollars. This currency has already gone out of circulation.


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