16 May 2022

Biobank in Siberia

The Siberian Medical University will collect samples of biomaterials for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases

Press Center of the Ministry of Education and Science

Biobank has entered the infrastructure system of the Siberian State Medical University (SibSMU). The project is implemented within the framework of the federal program "Priority 2030" and meets international requirements in the field of biobanking. Currently, eight projects are being implemented in the biobank. The service is a specialized repository of biological material and associated information and allows you to use these resources in scientific and clinical research. The biobank will collect and describe samples of biomaterial for a wide range of nosologies, including Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, allergic diseases, obesity, diabetes mellitus.

"As part of the implementation of the Priority 2030 program, we are creating a center for working with living systems at the university: from the genome and cells (this is a biobank, a center for genetic technologies) to animals (a center for preclinical research) and humans (our own multidisciplinary clinics and a technology implementation center). We plan to create this closed cycle within one organization so that each participant in the development of a technology or medicine sees the opportunities and limitations when moving to the next level of development. This will significantly reduce the time of implementation into practice. The key goal of the biobank is to provide a representative sample of patients necessary for the development of means and methods of therapy and diagnosis of diseases," said the rector of the university Evgeny Kulikov.

SibSMU Biobank is a member of the National Association of Biobanks and Biobanking Specialists. Biological samples go through the stages of collection, sample preparation, documentation and actually laying for long-term storage. The activity of the biobank is provided by qualified personnel, as well as modern equipment.

Today, precision medicine, which combines molecular genetic information about a patient and his clinical data to understand the biological basis of the disease, is a global trend. Initially in demand mainly in the diagnosis and treatment of oncological diseases, now it is being introduced into all branches of medicine. Therefore, the university is creating an ecosystem for testing services for the prevention of the main causes of mortality of the population to improve the quality and longevity of human life. For these tasks, a youth laboratory of population research has been formed, whose activities are related to conducting epidemiological studies and the formation of bioresource collections.

Last year, SibSMU won a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia for the development of advanced genetic technologies in the field of oncology. Thanks to the activities of the consortium created within the framework of the project, the largest and unique biocollection of tumor tissue samples of various localization in the Russian Federation will be formed, which will be an important stage in the development of gene therapy drugs and genetic technologies. Already today, the university has the largest collection in the Russian Federation in the field of cholangiocellular cancer.

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