14 October 2008

IV Russian Venture Forum and IX Russian Venture Fair: results

Fourth The Russian Venture Forum and the Ninth Russian Venture Fair were held on October 8-10, 2008 in St. Petersburg.

The Forum was organized by the Russian Association of Direct and Venture Investment with the participation of the Federal Agency for Science and Innovation and the Administration of St. Petersburg.

The Russian Venture Forum is a meeting place for professional investors. Traditionally held in St. Petersburg, the Forum has established itself as one of the main events of the year aimed at developing business investment infrastructure on a national scale.

The Forum gathers a representative and interested audience of domestic and foreign venture business professionals. Among the Forum participants are managers and partners of the largest venture funds and private equity funds, leading top managers of investment companies and banks, heads of large financial structures, top officials of international corporations, directors and partners of Russian and foreign exchanges.

Direct investment and venture capital is a dynamically developing sector of the private capital market in Russia, attracting close attention from global players in search of potentially high profits and the state in search of new tools for economic diversification.

The Forum program is represented by a wide range of various events that will allow participants to maximize their knowledge about the industry, realize an exceptional opportunity to find new partners and customers, lay the foundation for future business development. Among the key speakers of the previous Forums were the "legends" of venture entrepreneurship in the world Harry Fitzgibbons (The Russian Technology Fund), Franklin "PITCH" Johnson (Asset Management Company), Jeff Milanette (Innovative Partners Inc, USA), Maaret Heiskari (Sitra), heads of international corporations Dan'l Lewin (Microsoft), directors and partners of investment funds Patricia Cloherty (Delta Private Equity Partners), Valery Doronin (Troika Capital Parnters), Maxim Shekhovtsov (Alliance ROSNO Asset Management), Gennady Margolit (MICEX), Sergey Romashov (VTB Asset Management) and many others. 

A distinctive feature of the Forum is the Russian Venture Fair, a communication platform that provides investors with the opportunity to get acquainted not only with the projects and management of Russian companies in the technological innovation sector, but also to establish contacts with the most attractive of them.

For companies, the Fair is not only a unique opportunity to present their business to potential investors, but also to learn first–hand about the main criteria for selecting projects that can interest a wide range of investors: from business angels to international investment funds. 

The exposition of the Russian Venture Fair featured 56 Russian small and medium-sized businesses interested in attracting investments that can seriously compete not only in the Russian, but also in the international market of new technologies, and some of them have no analogues in the world.

The judging panel, which included representatives of leading private equity and venture capital funds, selected the best in 7 nominations.

In the nomination "The best company of the Fair", LLC "STC "RATEK", St. Petersburg was recognized as the winner.
The company produces detection installations for all types of explosives, radioactive and fissile substances based on nuclear physics methods, including neutron analysis methods. The installations allow contactless automatic detection of any explosives, regardless of type and shape, including plastic explosives and explosives in the form of liquids.

The company Tele-M LLC from Nizhny Novgorod was awarded a Gold Diploma in the nomination "Promising business".
The SuperVisor company's products are a system for monitoring the actions of guards at controlled facilities, which allows you to automatically monitor and register the movements of guards in real time with an accuracy of up to units of meters, analyze their physical condition and behavior, and, if necessary, raise an alarm. The system will increase the effectiveness of control by the management of security companies over their personnel, and insurance companies will reduce the risks of insured events.

The silver diploma in the nomination "Promising business" was awarded to the company "Cers" from Rostov-on-Don.
The company produces street, architectural and industrial LED lamps that are environmentally friendly and do not require special conditions for maintenance and disposal. Their service life significantly exceeds existing analogues: the continuous operation of the lamp is at least 70,000 real hours, which is equivalent to 20 years of operation, with 10 hours of work per day. The use of LED lamps allows you to get two-fold energy savings.

In the nomination "Promising business" the Bronze diploma was awarded to the company "NPP "Belama Plus", Minsk.
The company produces agricultural machinery and equipment for crop and feed production: sprayers, seed protectants, equipment for applying preservatives to silage, grain.

In the nomination "Best presentation", the company "NPC Information Technologies" LLC, St. Petersburg, was recognized as the winner
The company develops and produces electronic children's books, toys, talking books, talking games and puzzles. A talking Ebook is a book that sings and talks. It can play sound and music, sing songs, record the voice of dad and mom, and even the child himself, who will tell a fairy tale or sing a song.

In the nomination "Best Marketing" the company AGROKOM LLC, Orenburg was recognized as the winner.
The company produces instant cereals with improved consumer properties produced by innovative technology and cereals of convenient preparation in bags for cooking. The resulting fast-growing cereal-based products belong to a new generation of healthy food products. These products are obtained using infrared grain processing — the know-how of the food industry.

In the nomination "Original business idea", the company "Tseloform" LLC, Kazan was recognized as the winner.
"Coeloform" (cotton powdered cellulose) is a biocompatible medical sorbent with a high level of not only sorption, but also drainage ability, pronounced bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant and wound healing effect. "Coeloform" significantly reduces the duration of treatment of patients with acute purulent-inflammatory diseases (abscesses, phlegmons, boils, etc.) compared to existing sorbents for 5-6 days, relieves pain, provides painlessness of dressings.

The company "STC "RATEK" was recognized as the best in a Special nomination established by the Government of St. Petersburg. The company was awarded the diploma "The Best Venture Company in St. Petersburg" and a certificate for training three representatives in the Presidential program for training management personnel out of competition.

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