16 October 2014

Venture Investor – 2014

National Award "Venture Investor" 2014
awarded to the leaders of the Russian venture industry

RAVIThe winners of the National Award "Venture Investor" 2014 were announced at the award ceremony held on October 14, 2014 within the framework of the Moscow International Forum "Open Innovations".

The national Award "Venture Investor" was established by the Russian Venture Investment Association (RAVI) and RVC in 2014 and is awarded to the leaders of the Russian venture industry – funds demonstrating a high class and culture of investment activity, setting professional standards of business practices and determining key trends in the development of the domestic venture industry.

The selection of applicants for the Award took place in two stages. At the first stage, out of more than 200 venture funds active in Russia, based on analytical data, funds with the best performance indicators in terms of the number and volume of transactions and exits were selected.

Then the expert jury, which included Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Andrey Fursenko, CEO of RVC Igor Agamirzyan, Managing Partner of Almaz Capital Partners Alexander Galitsky, President, Co-Chairman of the Board of the Skolkovo Foundation Viktor Vekselberg, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of VTB Capital Asset Management Natalia Plugar and others, in within the framework of face-to-face discussion and secret voting, the nominees were determined.

This year the nominees of the Award included Almaz Capital Partners, BVPEF, BVPEF III, BVPEF IV, Frontier Ventures, Guard Capital, I2BF Global Ventures, InVenture Partners, Runa Capital, Russia Partners, Softline Venture Partners, VEB-Innovations, Bioprocess Capital Ventures, Finam, Investment and Venture The Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Yakutia Venture Company.

The winners of the Award, announced on October 14 at a ceremony at the Open Innovations Forum, were:

  • In the nomination "Best Venture Deal" – I2BF Global Ventures.
  • In the nomination "Best exit" – funds of the Baring Vostok group (BVPEF, BVPEF III, BVPEF IV)
  • In the nomination "The best venture investor in real technologies" – Bioprocess Capital Ventures.
  • In the nomination "The best regional venture fund" – the Investment and Venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan.
  • In the nomination "Best syndicated Venture transaction" – Frontier Ventures.
  • In the nomination "Smart money" – Russia Partners.

"We expect that in the near future we will form and constantly grow a pool of qualified investors who know and understand the nuances of the market, who are able to calculate risks and take them. The National Award "Venture Investor" was established to identify leaders whose experience and qualifications will become a kind of reference points for existing and new players," said Igor Agamirzyan, CEO of RVC.

"The award will be an annual one, and we plan to hold the award ceremony within the framework of Open Innovations. We hope that the Award will become the most authoritative event to determine the leaders of the Russian venture capital investment market. The thoroughness and impartiality of the initial selection of nominees, as well as the level of competence of the members of the Expert Jury – the heads and founders of the largest Russian development institutions, venture funds, government officials of the highest rank, largely determining the innovation and investment climate in the country as a whole, will allow the National Award "Venture Investor" to become a kind of "quality mark" defining standards work in the venture capital market," Albina Nikkonen, Executive Director of RAVI, is sure.

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