05 April 2017

Revolution in dentistry

Russian scientists have created eternal anti-caries nanoflombs

RIA News

Scientists from NUST MISIS and a number of other Russian research centers have created a special nanomaterial that prevents the development of caries and protects the tooth from microbes almost forever, the press service of the university reports.

"This development is, in fact, a technological revolution in dentistry. The antibacterial additive can be used not only in the filling, but also in other dental materials, prolonging the service life of implants. The drug has been successfully used in our clinic since September 2016," says Yakov Karasenkov, chief physician of the Rosdent clinic and a participant in the project.

Karasenkov and other scientists, led by Georgy Frolov, associate professor at NUST MISIS, studied the properties of nanoparticles consisting of oxides of titanium, iron, zinc and some other metals. Experiments have shown that these particles, even at very low concentrations, can kill bacteria, acting like antibiotics or enzymes that the body produces to kill microbes.

The addition of these nanoparticles to dental materials, as Frolov says, allows solving one of the main problems faced by all visitors to dental offices – the loss of fillings and the appearance of caries where the filling comes into contact with the tooth tissue.

As scientists explain, even if all technological procedures are followed, a micro-gap forms at the border of the seal over time, in which microorganisms actively multiply. In addition, the tooth tissues and the filling material repel water in different ways, which also creates problems when installing the seal and its further "life" in the tooth.

The addition of nanoparticles to the seal, which constantly protect its edges from microbes, allows us to solve this problem virtually forever, since nanoparticles do not break down when microbes are destroyed.

These nanoparticles, as Frolov says, are used not only in the Rosdent clinic, but also in the Kirov State Medical Academy. Seals based on these nanoparticles have already been approved by Roszdravnadzor, and commercial companies use them in their work.

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