09 October 2020

Moscow Accelerator: results

Startups have attracted more than 50 million rubles of investments: the results of the biomedical track of the Moscow Accelerator have been summed up

Ekaterina Kochkina, Rusbase

The results of the BioMedTech "Moscow Accelerator" track were summed up in the capital. 20 pilot projects have been approved, more than 50 million rubles of investments have been attracted, contracts worth over 12.5 million rubles have been signed. Rusbase was informed about this by a representative of the accelerator.

The accelerator program was aimed at developing projects in the fields of pharmaceuticals, laboratory diagnostics, digital medicine, and epidemic control, including COVID-19.

Examples of accelerator pilot projects:

  • Neurolight – a combined technology for the treatment of brain tumors with laser and microcapsules with a chemotherapeutic agent – a pilot with the Bayer concern is planned;
  • Immunify – digital personalized platform for the promotion of vaccination services – agreement on the launch of a pilot project with the Russian network of medical laboratories "Invitro" and the insurance company "VSK-group";
  • PGX2 – decision support system for optimizing the dosage regimen of medicines – pilot project with Invitro;
  • Biohran, a system for long–term storage of DNA containing materials, launches a pilot project with the Southern Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences "YUNTS RAS";
  • "Automated assistant to a general practitioner" – a platform for polyclinics that promotes early detection of diseases that cause 90% mortality – a pilot with Invitro is planned;
  • Polymorpharma – technology for obtaining improved forms of well–known drugs - a pilot with the company "HimRar" is planned;
  • Synapse, a cloud–based AI platform for medical projects related to the long-term treatment of patients, will launch a pilot with HimRar.

It is also noted that Polymorpharma received funding in the amount of 5 million rubles from Skolkovo. The startup "Doctor's Card", which presented a platform for training and sharing the experience of doctors, attracted 10 million rubles.

A platform for sharing medical data and making an appointment with a doctor Med.me she won a grant from Skolkovo for 5 million rubles. Health management startup Checkme has raised $375,000 from the Singapore-based Altergate fund and several investors, including Sergey Dashkov, Alexander Catalov, Maria Aksenova.

As a result of participation in the accelerator, sales contracts were concluded:

  • HumanDisBox disinfection systems,
  • personal telemetry device "Fetal monitor",
  • systems of long-term storage of DNA containing materials "Biohran",
  • solutions for access control by facial biometrics with a built-in temperature sensor O.Vision,
  • online platforms for digitalization of observations and laboratory diagnostics programs Rosmed,
  • the service of a personal check-up consultant Checkme.

The total amount of contracts exceeds 12.5 million rubles.

"Together with mentors, participants set up a business model, improve their product and can immediately receive feedback from leading companies. More than 50 million rubles of investments and 12.5 million rubles of orders is a good starting result," said the Deputy Mayor of Moscow Natalia Sergunina.

The BioMedTech track started in July and ended in September. More than 380 applications were submitted to participate in it. After the expert selection, 30 teams were invited to take the accelerator. In addition to an intensive course of classes, startups took part in 300 consultations and meetings with industry experts, and also held more than 50 presentation sessions with potential customers and investors.

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