29 September 2020

Protect employees from covid

About recommendations for employers on the prevention of coronavirus infection in the workplace


To prevent coronavirus infection in work collectives, employers are recommended to:

  • separation of work flows and separation of the team – placement of employees on different floors, in separate offices, organization of work in several shifts;
  • at the entrance of employees to the organization (enterprise) – the possibility of treating hands with skin antiseptics intended for these purposes (including with the help of installed dispensers), or disinfecting wipes with the establishment of control over compliance with this hygienic procedure;
  • control of the body temperature of employees at the entrance of employees to the organization (enterprise), and during the working day (according to indications), using devices for measuring body temperature by non-contact or contact method (electronic, infrared thermometers, portable thermal imagers) with mandatory removal from the workplace of persons with elevated body temperature and signs of infectious diseases;
  • control of a doctor's call by an employee to provide primary medical care to a sick person at home;
  • monitoring compliance with the self-isolation of workers at home until the results of the test for the presence of the causative agent of a new coronavirus infection are received when they return from other countries;
  • informing employees about the need to comply with the rules of personal and public hygiene: regular hand washing with soap or treatment with skin antiseptics – throughout the working day, after each visit to the toilet;
  • high-quality cleaning of premises with the use of virulent disinfectants, paying special attention to disinfection of door handles, switches, handrails, railings, contact surfaces (tables and chairs of employees, office equipment), common areas (meal rooms, rest rooms, toilet rooms, rooms and equipment for sports, etc.), in all rooms – with a frequency of processing every 2 hours;
  • availability in the organization of at least a five-day supply of disinfectants for cleaning premises and treating employees' hands, personal respiratory protection equipment in case of detection of persons with signs of an infectious disease (masks, respirators);
  • regular (every 2 hours) ventilation of the working rooms;
  • the use of bactericidal lamps, air recirculators in working rooms for the purpose of regular disinfection of the air (if possible).

It is recommended to limit any corporate events in teams, the participation of employees in other mass events for the period of the epidemic.

If there is a canteen for employees' meals:

  • to ensure the use of single-use tableware with its subsequent collection, disinfection and destruction in accordance with the established procedure;
  • when using dishes of repeated use, it is desirable to carry out its processing on specialized washing machines in accordance with the instructions for its operation with the use of processing modes that ensure disinfection of dishes and cutlery at a temperature of at least 65 ° C for 90 minutes or manually at the same temperature with the use of disinfectants in accordance with the requirements of sanitary legislation.

In the absence of a dining room:

  • prohibit eating in the workplace, take food only in a specially designated room – the meal room;
  • in the absence of a meal room, provide for the allocation of a room for these purposes with a sink for washing hands (hot and cold water), ensuring its daily cleaning with disinfectants.

Upon receipt of a request from the territorial bodies of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being, immediately provide information about all contacts of a person with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in connection with the performance of their work functions, ensure disinfection of the premises where the sick person was.

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