09 November 2022

Transgenic organisms

A key resource for the development of biotechnologies


Biotechnologies are one of the key segments of the modern high–tech economy, a capacious and fast-growing global market. According to experts (Researchandmarkets), the projected volume of this market for 2022 is estimated at 1.4 trillion US dollars, and the average annual growth rate is expected to be 13.9% per year.

The rapid development of the biotechnology market is impossible without significant investments in research and development, and also forms capacious markets for various knowledge-intensive services and resources. Conducting research using transgenic organisms is one of the most important innovative segments associated with the biotechnology market.

A transgenic organism is characterized by the fact that its genome has been changed due to the transfer of genes from another biological species or another breed of animals. The main directions of using transgenic animals and plants are developments in the field of creating new food products, improving the quality of existing ones, and treating genetic diseases of animals and humans. In addition to the transgenic organisms themselves, the market also takes into account specific laboratory equipment: microinjectors, kits for PCR studies, electroporators (devices for introducing substances directly into cells) and much more.

The volume of the global market of transgenic organisms is estimated, for 2022, at $62 billion. The forecast for 2030 is $139 billion. The expected average annual growth rate of the market is 9.5%

Forecast of the dynamics of the global market of transgenic organisms, billion US dollars


The main consumers in the market are biotech companies, research organizations and academic research institutes. The main types of transgenic organisms are mice, rabbits and cattle. With the help of transgenic organisms, in addition to research, the production of such active pharmaceutical substances as recombinant human proteins and monoclonal antibodies is carried out. Also, the production of therapeutic materials for xenotransplantation is carried out using transgenic organisms.

In the long term, the growth of the market will continue: the growth of demand for food and medical services, the development of biological sciences, restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions – this complex of factors contributes to the formation of sustainable long-term demand for biotechnological research, including transgenic organisms. 

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