16 February 2015

Russian innovative projects for mobile medicine

Oleg Kuzbit, "Marchmont"The Russian government considers pharmaceuticals and the biomedical industry to be among the priorities and constantly reminds the world that the country faces an ambitious strategic task – to increase the share of domestic medical equipment in the Russian market to at least 40%.

This is a priority area for Marchmont, and we constantly tell you about high technologies in medicine developed in different parts of the country. Today we will briefly get acquainted with two more projects. Both are based on information technologies, and authors from St. Petersburg and Omsk resort to the help of "cloud" approaches and other software solutions. The task is to give patients the opportunity to independently check their health status and report data via mobile communication to attending physicians, who, based on the results of the examination, will be able to make a diagnosis in real time.

Multi-format network from Siberia The project of the Omsk IT team provides for the creation of a multiformat network for the exchange of biomedical data.

According to the developers, their approach is based on "cloud" computing, automating data analysis and diagnosis in real time. The server installed in the nearest diagnostic center can serve as the main hardware component of the system.

The hardware and software complex, in addition, gives physicians the opportunity to conduct video conferences and consultations. Another plus, according to the developers, is the functionality that allows you to make "remote" medical rounds through information technology and even remotely receive patients. You can also add a navigation component, the authors report, to track the location of mobile patients.

According to Omsk residents, both inpatient and outpatient patients in remote areas where it is not possible to regularly visit a diagnostic center could become potential beneficiaries of such "high-tech" medical care.

Portable health monitors will become one of the main products in the new Omsk project. They will detect potentially life-threatening physiological changes in the body, primarily in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and signal them to doctors via a wireless communication channel. Among other hardware components, communicators based on patients' smartphones or dedicated tablet computers at nursing posts, terminals providing broadband communications, and a cloud computing center designed to diagnose and generate recommendations to patients are indicated.

Mobile medicine in St. Petersburg A team of St. Petersburg IT specialists, mainly graduates of St. Petersburg State University with extensive knowledge and experience in mathematics and mechanics, is also engaged in a similar problem.

Residents of St. Petersburg are convinced that in the future mobile medicine can influence the entire biomedical sector and attract significant investments. Therefore, a joint Russian-Swiss project was initiated to create modular software for remote monitoring of the patient's body using mobile technologies.

The authors say that they see manufacturers of medical devices and developers of medical information systems and social networks as key partners in the project. And the main market for the final product, in their opinion, is system integrators.

The product includes multi-platform mobile software for wireless data transmission from a medical device and their storage in a dedicated "cloud". The St. Petersburg team reported that it uses a whole set of technologies for data transmission, including Bluetooth, BLE, NFC and ANT+. Special server software has been developed to manage the cloud. The system also includes an Application Base Systems interface (API) for integration with third-party information systems and a demo web portal.

The software supports interaction with a whole list of medical diagnostic devices. Here there is an ECG, body weight monitoring, and blood pressure and sugar meters – and it is not difficult to add other devices. Based on this technology, it is possible to create a variety of branded and customized solutions for the needs of specific customers for processing health monitoring data in real time.

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