10 April 2009

If you want to prolong your life, run!

Strong runningIgor Mikhailov, "Superstyle" magazine
The processing of long-term studies of running fans has recently been completed.

It lasted 21 years, from 1984 to 2005, with the participation of 500 volunteers. It turns out that running slows down aging, and even those who run a little, but regularly, can significantly prolong their active life.

Of course, many people know that running is very useful. They are engaged in it in order to keep fit or burn extra calories, because it is a unique natural complex of movements formed in the process of human evolution.

However, some doctors regularly warned about the possible dangers of such active fitness: allegedly, the risk of injury and the occurrence of arthritis outweighs the benefits for the body, especially in the elderly. James Fries, a rheumatology specialist from Stanford Medical School, decided to refute these fears. In his opinion, vigorous training helps to keep yourself in good shape in adulthood. Moreover, they even increase life expectancy, including active.

To test their hypothesis, Dr. Fries and his colleagues have been observing people over 50 years old, runners and their peers who treat sports as a waste of time for more than twenty years. Each year, the subjects answered questions about physical well-being and activity in everyday life. Subsequently, these data were compared with the results of medical examinations. As expected, the active participants were generally healthier, and the mortality rate among them was lower: 15% for running fans and 34% for "sympathizers".

Scientists also found that the best health indicators were observed in those who ran not occasionally, but regularly. Although the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases decrease even with minimal and irregular workouts.

Infections are three times less threatening to runners than ordinary citizens. Unfortunately, the authors do not investigate the physiological basis of the observed effects. But they are sure that running will not hurt in any case, and most importantly – and this is evidenced by the results of long–term observations - it is never too late to start.

Of course, a reasonable basis is necessary in everything and the intensity of running for health should correspond to the capabilities of the body. It is necessary to listen carefully to what your body says, and not to succumb to the adventures of the mind. Everyone is unanimous in this, both supporters and opponents of this unique medicine. The medicine from the poison is distinguished by the dose, and usually people remember this. Runners sometimes forget that running is a powerful remedy.

The increase in the life expectancy of runners, as scientists believe, is not only due to the physical impact of running on the body. Under the influence of natural monotonous vibrational movements when running, the brain and the entire nervous system automatically calm down, which, strictly speaking, controls our body, because during this load the brain is mainly occupied with the work of the body. After training, the athlete is in a state of peace, harmony and balance, which a person needs for health. By Eastern methods, such a state is achieved with the help of meditation.

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