26 September 2018

Who is the last one for rejuvenation?

Scandalous startup opens the first clinic for transfusion of young blood to the elderly

Sergey Kolenov, High-tech+

Ambrosia promises rejuvenation of the body for $8000. By the end of the year, the first clinic will open in New York. The methods used by the company are still not scientifically confirmed, but this does not stop either potential customers or investors.

Ambrosia Medical startup became famous thanks to the idea of transfusing the blood of young donors to the elderly. The company is developing rapidly, despite the skepticism from the scientific community. According to Business Insider, by the end of this year Ambrosia plans to open the first clinic in New York. Now the management is looking for a suitable building and interested investors.

According to Ambrosia executive director David Cavalier, potential customers are already lining up: the company has received about 100 applications for therapy during the week of the site's operation. Since blood transfusion itself has long been approved by the FDA, a startup does not need a separate permit for its activities.

This loophole allowed Ambrosia to start performing procedures worth $8000 without waiting for the results of clinical trials.

In total, since 2016, the company has transfused blood to 150 patients aged 35 to 92 years. However, more than half are participants in a scientific study that should prove the effectiveness of the technique.

As part of the experiment, patients were injected with 1.5 liters of plasma from donors no older than 25 years for two days. The blood of the subjects was carefully studied before and after the infusion. The results have not yet been published, but the head of the company and a graduate of Stanford, Jesse Karmazin, calls them "truly positive."

Karmazin also noted that the experiments proved the safety of the technique. Considering that plasma transfusion is a long–established and massive procedure, hardly anyone doubted this.

But scientists are not sure that young blood poured into old veins can slow down aging.

Despite the fact that this approach worked on mice, the mechanism of its action is still unclear. In addition, not every experiment conducted on mice gives similar results in humans.

Ambrosia procedures are expensive, but they do not go into any comparison with the astronomical sums spent on "immortality" by biohacker from Silicon Valley Sergey Fage. According to him, he spent about a quarter of a million dollars for these purposes. The main items of expenditure are health sensors, medications and consultations with elite doctors.

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