24 November 2021

7 hours of information about healthy longevity


October 19, in Moscow "Technopolis" was the long-awaited Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 on innovative ways to improve health, preserve youth and achieve active longevity.

To the event as speakers joined by leading scholars, practitioners, experienced biohacker, wellness experts, biogerontology, psychologists, coaches, entrepreneurs and many others.

In demo zone conference niche companies presented their products and services to help you learn the body, maintain good health, youth and beauty.

Said speakers

With the theme "Practical biohacking: data acquisition system about themselves" was made by the founder of the processing of health data Biodata Stanislav Skakun. As a participant in a large-scale experiment quantified self, he spoke about biohacking on the basis of the obtained data.

About optimizing mitochondrial function was discussed in the report of biogerontology and biohacking Denis Varianza. He opened the question of the importance of the control of the index of the maximum oxygen consumption (IPC).

Of particular interest was the performance of the speaker from the Netherlands – the biohacking-cyborg Patrick Paumen. He spoke about wearable devices and implants, considered, what types they are. The speaker of the implanted implant 31, 11 biomagnets, 15 transponders RFID and 5 LEDs RFID.

The theme "Biohacking sleep. Gadgets and apps to monitor and improve sleep" opened by the President of the Russian society of sleep, honored doctor of the Russian Federation Roman buzunov. He highlighted the important functions of sleep, including the ontogeny, physical recovery, the formation of long-term memory.

About how genetic testing can help to maintain and improve the health ofthe guests got to know thanks to a report co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of the company Genotek Artem Elmuratova. He described the mechanism of manifestation of hereditary diseases.

Also at the conference were:

· certified coach feistiness Elena Fedotova;

· founder of the prevent-age-resort "First Line" Maria sternum;

· PhD and therapist Yaroslav Ashikhmin;

· doctor of medical Sciences Kirill Prewiew;

· dietitian Anne Melekhina;

· candidate of biological Sciences, expert of the "SKOLKOVO" Vadim Zorin;

· founder of the Russian Institute of biohacking and health Nikita Blizzard;

· bioregenerating Alexey Strygin;

· founder of the Center for health technologies Igor Berlin;

· clinical psychologist Julia Aksenova;

· candidate of biological Sciences Dmitry Krivosheev;

· co-founder and managing partner, Health Buddy Anton Merkulov;

· the therapist Maxim Goncharov.

In their reports they spoke about biohacking as a tool of preventive medicine, genetic modification of the organism, the impact of stress on health, prevention of premature aging, and more.

That showed in the demo zone

On Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 your designs and products presented five leading companies.

· MD Сonsultant distributor of products for professionals in aesthetic medicine. In the catalog of its products shows a device for solving sleep problems Biohacking ORB, generators, hydrogen water, Hydrogen water, peptide complexes Khavinson Peptides.

· "Malson" is the leading Japanese development, the drug based on the extract of the placenta. It is at the cellular level has a rejuvenating effect on the entire body. In a preparation of only natural ingredients. It does not contain hormones, growth factors, enzymes and other biogenic stimulators.

· RaDoTech – device for personal health monitoring technology Dr. Nakatani. Using the device for daily monitoring of health, to analyze the impact of foods, types of food, drugs and physical exertion.

· Daigo – a drug that contains 16 strains of lactic acid bacteria for the formation of healthy intestinal flora. At the stand of the brand "Daigo" presented as well as other developments: metabolic Daigo Lux, a drug for the prevention of brain aging Tamotsu, toothpaste dent Daigo and Daigo Lux shampoo Shampoo.

· MyGenetics is a leader in the direct to consumer segment in the market DNA tests. Conducting genetic studies, through which you can choose an individual diet, training regime and get recommendations on nutrition and physical activity.

Bonuses for visitors: the drawing of the prizes from the speakers, exhibitors and media partners

After the event, the visitors went home not only with the useful knowledge, but also nice prizes.

At the event held Raffles of gifts such as:

· Japanese drug premium "Daigo-Luxury" brand Daigo;

· a certificate for a free training at the Russian Institute of biohacking and health;

· webinar "mindful eating. Diets NO" from the speaker, dietitian Anna Malahini;

· 20% discount on your first monthly subscription from FITMOST;

· certificate of "100 points" from FITMOST.

In addition, each guest of the conference received a complimentary electronic version of the book of Daniel Siegel's "the Mind: What it means to be human" by the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber".

The organizers Biohacking Conference Moscow 2021 thank all the speakers, exhibitors and media partners for their assistance in the organization of the event!

See you at the next conference. Be healthy!

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