26 September 2019

Russian scientists on the "Kalman phenomenon"

The French are afraid of exposure

Natalia Panasenko, Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Russian scientists Nikolai Zak and Valery Novoselov commented on the study of an international group of specialists who confirmed that the Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalman, who is the world record holder for life expectancy, really lived 122 years – from 1875 to 1997.

Valery Novoselov, geriatrician. Chairman of the Gerontology Section of the MOIP at Moscow State University:

This "Kalman phenomenon" has a feature that is not visible, perhaps, to French demographers, but is visible to the professional clinical community of doctors: the clinical design of old age and the beginning of its onset do not correspond to the declared age. The evaluation of three geriatric syndromes: R54, M80.0, F00.1 (ICD-10) – showed a discrepancy between the onset of their onset in Jeanne Kalman with a delay of 20-25 years. Probably, this particular case is not the last, and experts should change the rules of validation of super-long-livers. French scientists have a unique case to do a DNA analysis. But they say: Stop! – you don't need to do a DNA test. Why?

Since I have been closely watching the development of events for more than a year, my conclusion is as follows: I see in this case repeated and constant violations of the principles of fair practice of scientific research. Concealment and deliberate distortion of data. Ignoring data that is significantly different from the rest, without notifying about it. Concealment of a conflict of interest.

The attempt to present the work of the oldest Russian scientific gerontological society as a "conspiracy theory of Russian scientists" against the entire French people and personally the grandmother of all Frenchmen is only a fear of being exposed after the results of DNA analysis.

Nikolay Zak, mathematician:

The record validators used their publication in a scientific journal as an excuse to inform the whole world that the record has been confirmed again. The authors of the "re-validation" declared the absence of a conflict of interest, and local journalists decided that this was a new and independent study. In France, the news was picked up with enthusiasm, many celebrating the victory over "envious Russians who do not live long."

The conclusions of the validators and the subsequent press release mislead the audience deeply. The mathematical model of the authors of "perevalidation" suggests that out of six million centenarians, one person can live up to 122 years, which allegedly refutes the arguments of Russian scientists. At the time of Madame Kalman's death, there were not 6 million, but only 6 thousand centenarians in France. In addition, Madame Kalman became one of the first "scientifically validated" centenarians in the world, which makes taking the record mark even more suspicious. Two years after Jeanne's death, the gap with other centenarians was reduced at the expense of American Sarah Knauss, who does not even have a birth certificate.

In fact, in an article questioning validation, the probability of living to 122 years (Jeanne) was estimated to be two million times lower than the probability of living to 99 years (her daughter Yvonne). A comparative analysis, which included all the known facts from the biography of the Kalman family, which is worthy of the main role in a detective novel, showed that the probability of personality replacement is ten thousand times higher than the probability of a "validated" scenario. The validators are silent that Kalman donated her blood for scientific research, which was never carried out. The Russians have written an open letter to the scientific community with a proposal to investigate this unique sample. Since Yvonne's parents, unlike Jeanne's parents, were close relatives, the hypothesis of a personality replacement can be tested using a DNA test.

If the record is confirmed, then the scientific value of the sample is enormous: then the laws of aging do not apply to Jeanne. Otherwise, the current standards for checking longevity should be revised, and all articles by the authors of the record should either be revised or withdrawn.

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