22 September 2022

Harmful water

Russian scientists have told why water can cause aging

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Scientists of the Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant and the Chuvash State University named after I.N. Ulyanov found out that ingestion of silicon compounds in drinking water or biologically active additives can cause an immune response of the body in the form of systemic inflammation and trigger the process of premature aging. This was reported in the press service of the university.

Silicon is the second most abundant chemical element (after oxygen) in the Earth's crust. Its compounds are found in all human, animal and plant tissues, as well as in the composition of many minerals. Silicates can be found in all rocks, soils and waters, from where they enter living organisms, the scientists said.

However, there are so—called “flint provinces” - areas where there used to be ancient seas. In these territories, the concentration of silicon in natural waters exceeds 12 mg/l, which until recently corresponded to the upper limit of the norm (ed. — since 2021, it has doubled). There are such areas, for example, in Chuvashia, where observations were started. Over the past 20 years, dietary supplements and methods of artificial enrichment of drinking water with silicates have become widely popular.

According to the researchers, they studied the effect of water enriched with silicon salts on the body of laboratory animals. They repeated long-term experiments many times to make sure the results were reliable.

Scientists have found out that silicon is absorbed in the intestine from water-soluble silicates and has a systemic effect on the body. The results obtained on animals did not change from species to species, which means that they are also applicable to humans, at least in the field of the immune system and intestinal microflora.

"Daily intake of silicon with drinking water at a concentration of 10 mg / l, if drunk according to need, in a few months initiates immunological inflammation and accelerates the natural aging of the body. Now in the English—language scientific literature there is a term “inflammaging” - aging, which is caused by systemic inflammation. The study of the causes that cause such inflammation is one of the leading directions of modern science, and we just found one of these reasons," said Associate professor of the Department of Fundamental Medicine of the I. Kant Medical Institute of the BFU, Candidate of Medical Sciences Valentina Gordova.

She also focused on the fact that it is impossible to stop systemic inflammation launched at the cellular level with the modern development of medicine.

Scientists note that experts from different fields — morphologists, hygienists, practitioners - already rely on the results of the experiment.

"If one competent doctor explains well to patients that the use of additives containing bioavailable silicon is unsafe for health, it will already be someone's life saved. The same applies to preventive medicine — I hope nutritionists will be more careful with the appointment of silicon-containing drugs. And the most promising direction now is the development of water filters that would delay silicates, but this is not a fast process," explains Gordova.

The fundamental research lasted almost 20 years. The co-authors were the head of the Department of Medical Biology of the I.N. Ulyanov ChSU, Professor Sergey Sapozhnikov and Professor of the Department Valentina Sergeeva.

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