23 May 2023

A "far-fetched" symptom

Very often patients faced with such a problem as gastritis perceive the disease as "something fantastic" that cannot be cured. If you manage to heal yourself, then you are very lucky. Many people struggle with the disease in different ways for years, and sometimes it ends rather sadly. In fact, it is possible to get rid of gastritis completely, just in 4-8 weeks - from both real and far-fetched, says Sergey Vyalov, M.D., gastroenterologist and hepatologist.

Usually patients come with gastritis of "two kinds": real or far-fetched. When there is inflammation and destruction of cells, leading to their degeneration, this is real gastritis.
"First there is metaplasia, when the cells of the stomach change. Then there is atrophy, a process in which the cells that form the mucosa die. Well, and then there is the transformation of cells into cancerous cells," explained the specialist, adding that all this on average takes several years.

In some cases, the impending problem is warned about a symptom, which manifests as a slight discomfort during meals or after. For example, heaviness. In this case, the person has eaten a little, but there is a feeling as if he "swallowed an elephant". Most likely, this is so-called "contrived" gastritis - not yet inflammation, but simply a disorder of the stomach.

"In the moment, contrived gastritis is not dangerous. It just hurts and causes discomfort. But over time, it can turn into a real one. So you should not accept it and wait for it to go away by itself. Get examined before it's too late", - urged the gastroenterologist.

Earlier, the specialist explained why a proper diet, limiting fatty and fried foods in the diet, is not enough for normal bowel function. According to the gastroenterologist, fat and fried foods have almost no effect on the organ. But a lack of water and fiber in the diet leads to serious problems.

"If the intestines don't get water, they will take theirs anyway. If you do not want constipation, drink enough water," warned Sergei Vyalov.

Nor can the intestines work properly without fiber, which is any plant food.

"We need some ballast to collect all unnecessary substances in it and throw it away," the doctor clarified.
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