25 May 2023

The first signal of a diseased bowel

"It is a diagnosis of exclusion, that is, it is diagnosed only if all other causes of complaints have been excluded," gastroenterologist and endocrinologist Dilyara Lebedeva writes in her, noting that the causes of the disease lie in "any disorder of the upper GI tract and microbiota, psychosomatics, stress.

With IBS, pain is localized in the lower abdomen, often on the left side, and usually occurs after a meal. Many patients experience increased pain at the end of the day, with discomfort disappearing at night. Also with the disease, a person may experience frequent problems with stool of a different nature.

"Diarrhea usually occurs after breakfast, accompanied by imperative urges and a feeling of incomplete bowel emptying," Dilyara Lebedeva noted.

Sometimes the condition is aggravated by manifestations not related to gastrointestinal function: migraine, fibromyalgia, dyspareunia, pains in the lumbar region, joint pains, sleep disorders.

Earlier, oncologist and proctologist Elena Smirnova explained that consuming about 30 grams of fiber a day not only contributes to normal intestinal function, but also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, intestinal cancer, helps to reduce weight, normalize cholesterol and blood pressure.

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