29 May 2023

Not mush

Doctors remind us that every meal should be complete: it must contain protein, complex carbohydrates and fats. Otherwise, you either won't be full, or you'll quickly become hungry. There are other reasons to eat a balanced diet. This is important if there is a goal to get rid of excess belly fat as quickly as possible. Trying to lose weight, many people switch to porridge. They eat them not only in the morning, but also at lunchtime and in the evening.

Endocrinologist, Doctor of Medicine Zukhra Pavlova explained why porridge even in the morning - even in water, not milk - is not the best option for losing weight. If one eats the same oatmeal every morning without adding protein, but with a piece of butter, one loses muscle mass and gains fat tissue. In other words, instead of fat, we lose the most valuable things.
"In general, porridge is the best food when it is necessary to gain weight, not to lose weight," noted the doctor.

The specialist once again stressed that protein should be in every meal. Especially if there is a goal to tighten the body, to get rid of excess fat.

"If you do not want eggs, eat cottage cheese, you do not want cottage cheese - eat a piece of boiled chicken. And only in addition to them - a little porridge, literally 4-5 spoons without the top of the finished product, "- clarified the specialist.

Among the ideal breakfasts, the doctor singled out hard-boiled eggs and omelets with vegetables.

Earlier studies confirmed the benefits of eggs and protein in the morning for weight loss. According to the conclusions of experts, adding a few drops of hot sauce (without salt or sugar) or chili powder to the dish will help to enhance the effect, if there are no contraindications. The compound in chili peppers capsaicin gives the product spiciness and stimulates weight loss.

Source: Egg breakfast enhances weight loss - PubMed (nih.gov)

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