21 June 2016

A woman with a donor uterus is expecting her second child

BBC medical news: Second baby for womb transplant mum

A resident of Sweden, who became one of the first patients to undergo a uterus transplant, is expecting her second child. This was announced by Professor Mats Brannstrom, who performed a uterus transplant operation in 2014.

Sweden was the first country to have such operations performed, and later these transplants were allowed in the UK and the USA. It is planned that the majority of British patients will be transplanted organs from donors with diagnosed brain death. In Sweden, a different situation has developed: the uterus donors for the first nine women who were selected for surgery were their own mothers.

Patients who have undergone surgery are given the opportunity to carry two children, after which it is assumed that the organ will be removed – this will save women from constantly taking immunosuppressants.

The first baby after a uterus transplant appeared in Sweden in October 2014. For the first time, Mats Brannstorm and his colleagues managed to conduct a successful operation. Prior to this, attempts were made in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, but these patients could not bear and give birth to a child: in one case complications arose and the donor organ had to be removed, and in the other pregnancy occurred, but ended in miscarriage.

The first uterus transplant performed in the USA also failed. Due to the resulting fungal infection, the donor organ also needed to be removed a few days after the nine-hour operation.

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