17 March 2009

At what age does senile senility begin?

Intellectual abilities begin to decline after the age of 27Georgy Meshkov, Compulenta

A group of researchers from the University of Virginia (USA) led by Professor Timothy Salthouse (Timothy Salthouse) claims that a person's mental abilities reach their peak at the age of 22, and after 27 years begin to decline.

As noted in the work of researchers published (attention: registration is required!) in the journal "Neurobiology of Aging" (Neurobiology of Aging), in nine out of twelve tests to determine various mental functions, the best results were demonstrated by subjects whose average age is exactly 22 years.

Respondents over the age of 27 showed a significant decrease in results in tests for logic, quick thinking and spatial imagination.

The study, which lasted seven years, involved 2,000 men and women aged 18 to 60 years. They were offered various tasks that required memorizing individual words and fragments of text or solving visual puzzles.

Scientists have recorded memory deterioration in study participants over 37 years old; other intellectual functions begin to decline after 42 years. It is curious that people usually mask the deterioration of abilities by improving the skills of passing the appropriate tests.

According to the head of the study, the results obtained indicate that the prevention and treatment of mental disorders associated with aging should be started long before old age.

Prepared based on the materials of The Daily Telegraph.

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