30 November 2021

Bio-tools for you

The BioTools4You platform will unite the participants of the biotech market

Arina Petrova, Hi-tech+

The Novosibirsk company BioTools4You, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation and a resident of the Academic Park business incubator, has developed a platform for specialists and organizations in the field of genetics, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. With its help, researchers can publish the results of their work, get acquainted with colleagues and other participants in the biotechnology market, receive orders and join teams, and pharmaceutical companies and research organizations can recruit order performers.

The genome is a huge array of information. Any genetic analysis involves not just extracting this information from the cell, but also decoding it. This is exactly what bioinformatics specialists are doing — specialists who process and analyze the data obtained during genome sequencing. To do this, they create machine algorithms.

According to Reports and Data, the global bioinformatics market will reach $18.96 billion by 2027. However, this growth has its limitations. Due to the lack of a single database of bioinformatic algorithms that are necessary to decipher the result of genetic analysis, specialists spend too much time searching for them. It often turns out that it is easier for bioinformatics to create its own algorithm than to find a ready-made one. There are other problems in this market: the rapid obsolescence of bioinformatic tools, the shortage of personnel, the lack of a platform for acquaintance and communication of specialists and organizations.

The BioTools4You — platform project is aimed at solving these problems https://biotools4you.com /. The platform contains bioinformatic algorithms that are necessary for working with genetic information. Each user can publish their own tools and open access to them for colleagues. 

In addition, bioinformatics, biologists and geneticists can create their profiles on the platform, publishing information about themselves, their sphere of interests, and available work results. Thanks to this, users can get acquainted, communicate and search for co-authors for their research and projects, and take part in hackathons together.

By the end of 2021, BioTools4You plans to assemble a database of organizations on the platform: pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research institutes. Representatives of business and science will be able to find interesting works and finance them, as well as recruit researchers for their projects.

"The results of our research show that the potential of the biotech market is huge, but the existing problems can seriously slow down the growth of this market. Our platform was developed as a tool for optimizing the work of specialists and organizations, which will ultimately contribute to the more accelerated development of bioinformatics science. The more active the market is, the more genetic databases we will have, on the basis of which scientists will be able to make new discoveries," comments the CEO of BioTools4You Irina Karpunina.

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