24 July 2009

Biobank accepts deposits

British scientists will freeze the blood and urine of half a million patientsCopper news based on BBC News: Largest human blood freezer opens
The world's largest repository of human biological materials is opening in the UK, the BBC reports.

 The organizers of the project plan to collect samples of biological fluids of 500 thousand Britons within 30 years: approximately 6.5 thousand liters of urine and 2 thousand liters of blood.

The grand opening of a giant storage facility called Biobank will take place next week. The project is being implemented by the University of Manchester, with the British Medical Research Council, the Ministry of Health and the Scottish Government participating in its financing.

Any resident of the UK aged 40 to 60 years old who is ready to pass the necessary tests and pass a standard set of tests and medical examinations can become a participant in the project. Samples of biological fluids of volunteers are subjected to biochemical and genetic studies, and then stored at low temperatures in the refrigerator of the Biobank.

Over the next years, the data of the participants will be supplemented with information coming from medical institutions in the UK, where they will undergo examinations and be treated.

According to the organizers of the project, a huge amount of information collected by the Biobank will allow to establish the genetic causes of the most common chronic diseases – cancer, diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc. – as well as risk factors for their development.

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