18 December 2008

Biologists studying RNA were obliged to write articles for Wikipedia

The journal RNA Biology demanded that authors who are going to publish their articles in the journal, simultaneously upload the data to Wikipedia. According to the Nature News portal (Publish in Wikipedia or perish), the journal experts will review articles for the Internet encyclopedia.

The requirement to publish their data on the Web will apply only to authors who are going to be published in one of the sections of the journal devoted to the description of families of RNA molecules. It should open soon.

The new project was developed jointly by the editorial staff of the journal RNA Biology and the creators of the database of families of RNA molecules, which is supervised by the Sanger Institute (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute). The goal of the initiative is to encourage researchers working with RNA to create and replenish databases with free access. Reviewing articles will improve the quality of information available to all Internet users.

The database of RNA molecule families was created in 2005. Now it contains information about more than 1200 families. In 2007, the Institute combined the database and Wikipedia for the first time. The section of the encyclopedia called RNA WikiProject contains the same information blocks as the database. Synchronization of information between the database and the WikiProject occurs every night.


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