04 September 2013

Estonian calf with human growth hormone gene

Scientists have shown the first calf cloned in Estonia

Nikolay Adashkevich, RIA NovostiEstonian scientists on Tuesday showed in Tartu the first cloned calf in the country named Yuuni, in whose genome the human growth hormone gene is "inserted", which will allow in the future to receive milk for use in the pharmaceutical industry, Estonian television reported.

The calf was born at the end of June this year. The Agrarian University, the University of Tartu and the Center for the Development of Reproductive Medicine Technologies participated in the project. The development of technology for cloning and obtaining biotechnological drugs from transgenic calves was funded by the Entrepreneurship Development Fund (EAS).

The idea of the project is that when the cloned calf becomes an adult cow, it will be able to give milk saturated with growth hormone, which can then be isolated from milk and used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is assumed that such an introduction of transgenic technology will reduce the cost of drug production and improve the quality of human treatment.

"Humanity has been looking for sources of natural medicines for a long time. Now we have become much closer to finding a way to obtain relatively manageable natural therapeutic drugs. In this regard, cloning a calf is a significant achievement," said the rector of the Agrarian University, Mait Klassen.

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