02 August 2014

Facebook users set the FAS against charlatans

The FAS will figure out how an advertisement for an unregistered cancer drug got into the social network

Dr. PeterAfter a complaint from users of the Facebook social network, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia began checking the advertising of the GA-40 dietary supplement unregistered in Russia.

In advertising messages, it is positioned as a cure for cancer.

The reason for the antimonopoly service's inspection was complaints from users of the Facebook social network about intrusive advertising of the drug GA-40. As reported in the text of the advertisement, the supplement, which is not registered in Russia, "gives a chance to improve the condition and regression of the tumor of patients even with far-reaching tumor processes, in the treatment of which the possibilities of the main traditional methods have been exhausted." Now, as Lenizdat writes with reference to ITAR-TASS, experts are checking how the drug advertisement got into the network.

On numerous websites offering to purchase medicine, similar information is reported: "Cancer. Oncology. Carcinoma, adenocarcenoma, melanoma, blastoma, sarcoma........... Familiar words. Terrible numbers. For many, they become a verdict. But the drug GA-40 gives new hope to patients even in the late stages of cancer. After the first course of treatment (and sometimes after several injections), 91% of patients have stabilization and positive dynamics of all biological processes."

Manufacturers even offer to get acquainted with the results of clinical trials. As reported on one of the sites, "an immunotherapeutic therapeutic drug with anti-carcinogenic properties (Immucor GA-40)" is going to be produced in Kiev and Tbilisi.

(In the most prominent place on the website of dietary supplements there is a link to "The results of recent research: Center for Quantum Genetic Medicine - Zagreb, Croatia, 2009 – 2011". Most potential buyers do not know that quantum medicine is pure pseudoscience. And at the Russian Oncological Forum, this quack drug was discussed in all details back in 2005 – VM.)

Recall that in July, the FAS fined the Russian Google 200 thousand rubles for distributing advertisements for medicines in the search engine without explaining the presence of contraindications to their use and use, the need to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use or get expert advice. As in the case of the Facebook social network, an alert Internet user complained about unfair advertising.

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