22 June 2010

Genomes of ten thousand cores

The British hospital will decode the genomes of all patientsCopper news

The management of London's Royal Brompton Hospital has decided to decode the genomes of all patients, the BBC reports (10,000 NHS patients 'to have genes mapped').

To finance the first stage of these studies, the British National Institute for Health Research (National Institute for Health Research) will allocate six million pounds over four years.

During the research, the genomes of 10 thousand patients of the Royal Brompton Hospital, which specializes in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, will be decoded. It is planned to complete the decoding of genomes within the next decade.

The management of the medical institution also plans to conduct magnetic resonance imaging of the heart for all patients. Professor Dudley Pennell, Head of the Department of Magnetic Resonance diagnostics of the cardiovascular system at Royal Brompton Hospital, noted that the planned studies will allow choosing an individual treatment regimen for each patient.

The decoding of genomes, as well as radiation diagnostics of the cardiovascular system of patients, is aimed at identifying the hereditary causes of pathology of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathy). However, doctors hope that genome studies will also help determine hereditary risk factors for other diseases.

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