09 June 2021

"Gray" transplantologists

Cases of illegal organ transplantation in one of the largest hospitals in Bulgaria have been revealed

Maria Tolmacheva, XX2 century

Acting Minister of Health of Bulgaria Stoycho Katsarov dismissed the administration of one of the largest hospitals in the capital Sofia, where, according to the official, illegal organ transplant operations were carried out.

In Bulgaria, organ transplantation is allowed only from living donors who have family ties with recipients. However, according to Katsarov, over the past two years, surgeons at Lozenets Hospital have performed at least 14 kidney transplant operations using organs provided by donors from Ukraine and Moldova. The organs were intended for the alleged uncles or aunts of donors, and all these "uncles" and "aunts" were from countries such as Israel, Japan, Germany and Oman.

"There are reasons to believe that the donors and recipients were not relatives," Katsarov said, adding that the recipients of the organs are supposed to have submitted false documents.

The acting Minister also mentioned another case when surgeons allegedly performed a transplant from a deceased donor, which is also not allowed by Bulgarian law. In addition, according to Katsarov, instead of transplanting the organ to the first patient on the waiting list, the organ was transferred to the fourth, who occupies a prominent place in the state administration.

In addition, an internal investigation revealed that the hospital had fraudulently demanded a large sum of money from the State health insurance Fund.

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