24 January 2022

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Elon Musk's company Neuralink is preparing to test a brain chip on humans


It seems that Elon Musk has come close to starting the first-ever testing of a neurocomputer interface (brain-computer interface, MCI) on a human.


The neurotechnological company Neuralink founded by Musk has published a new vacancy – it needs a "director of clinical trials". This can only indicate one thing – Neuralink is preparing the next stage of testing its implantable neurocomputer chips.

The company has already conducted tests on pigs and monkeys. In particular, she managed to conduct a successful experiment on a nine-year-old macaque who was able to play video games with just the power of thought.

The first experiments on humans are planned for this year. It will involve people with paralysis who, using the Neuralink interface, will be able to move the cursor of a computer mouse with the help of neurons.

According to the job description, the candidate must be purposeful and "have the desire and desire to go higher and further" to achieve the company's goals.

"As Director of Clinical Trials, you will work closely with the most advanced doctors and engineers, as well as with participants in the first clinical trials of Neuralink! You will lead and help build a team responsible for conducting Neuralink clinical trials and developing regulatory interactions accompanied by a rapidly changing and constantly evolving environment," the job description says.

In return, the company promises to provide "an opportunity to change the world and work with the smartest and most talented experts in various fields."

The first practical application of Neuralink technology will be in the treatment of people with disorders and diseases of the brain. According to Musk, the research will help "solve serious problems with the brain and spine using a seamlessly implantable device."

"Problems with blindness can be solved, paralysis can be cured, hearing problems can be solved. In the future, it will be possible to save and reproduce memories. It sounds like the plot of "Black Mirror"… Eventually, it will be possible to load them into a new body or a robot body," Musk said during one of the presentations of Neuralink in 2020.

In a 2019 study by the company, scientists described the MCI, which uses a variety of "small flexible electrode filaments" surgically implanted by a robot into the brain. The coin-sized device will eventually be able to replace part of the skull without harm to the brain.

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