30 March 2009

Is your eyesight deteriorating? Play "shooting games"!

Video games are good for visionPyotr Smirnov, "Newspaper.

Ru»The passion for video games in the genre of "action" significantly improves contrast vision even in adults.

Daphne Bavelier from the University of Rochester and her colleagues conducted a large-scale study designed to show at least some positive role of video games in our lives.

First on professional players, and then on relatively healthy volunteers, the authors of the publication in Nature Neuroscience managed to demonstrate the advantage of the "action" genre over RPGs and strategies. Fans of "shooting games" had much better contrast vision compared to the average population and with other players in particular.

Contrast vision is the ability to notice even the slightest changes in shadows and grayscale on a homogeneous background. It becomes especially important when driving a car at the wheel or in low light. This function is one of the first to suffer from aging and amblyopia, also known as "lazy eye".

Noting the improvement of vision in the pros, Bavelier and colleagues decided to conduct a "course of treatment" in adults who are not inclined to video games. The experienced group played Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty 2 for 9 weeks, and the control group raised law-abiding citizens in Sims 2. In the second case, after 50 hours of games, no change in visual function was noted, but the masters of the rifle, laser and other flamethrowers had contrast vision improved by 0.16–0.20 logarithmic units, that is, by 43-58%. To what extent this result is constant and whether further "training" is required to maintain shape will be shown by additional studies, in which it is also planned to establish an improvement mechanism.

This is not the first time when scientists find benefits in video games, earlier for fans of the same genre of "action", an improvement in the ability to "isolate" important elements in the field of view was noted. However, bearing in mind cases of excessive aggression due to abuse of computer reality, this approach should be used only in adults.

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