14 September 2015

It is necessary to reduce blood pressure correctly

"Working" pressure does not reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

Those who seek not only to stabilize their blood pressure in order to bring its indicators closer to the "working", but to lower it below the standard mark have the chances to prolong their life and not be a victim of a cardiovascular catastrophe.

On the website of the American research Center of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), it says that experiments involving 9,300 people aged about 68 years proved this fact (Landmark NIH study shows intensive blood pressure management may save lives).

One group received medications to regulate blood pressure so that systolic pressure did not exceed the 140 mark – today's norm. The second group received drugs to regulate pressure in such doses that the systolic pressure was below the 120 mark.

The results of the study showed that those people whose upper blood pressure was below 120 were three times less likely to suffer from heart attacks or strokes. In addition, their life expectancy was higher.

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